11/01/2017 11:54 GMT | Updated 12/01/2018 05:12 GMT

A Question On Immigration UKIP Refuses To Answer

Twice, recently, I have heard UKIP politicians dodge a particular question.

A UKIP Councillor rang in to Majid Nawaz on LBC Radio and was challenged when she said that we needed to stop EU workers doing low paid agricultural jobs in the UK and get back to the happy days when English people used to do these jobs.

She was challenged several times about how she would go about getting English people to go back to do that sort of low paid, hard work - because they don't see very keen to do it these days.

She didn't have an answer and simply waffled on for several minutes.

Similarly, UKIP's new leader - Paul Nuttall - was interviewed by Adrian Chiles on Radio 5 this week.

He again referred to getting non-immigrants workers back doing the low paid agricultural jobs often done by people from eastern Europe. Adrian Chiles did ask him how he would go about getting that to happen, Mr Nuttal did not answer but swiftly moved on and wasn't challenged again on that point.

UKIPs immigration policy apparently includes stopping unskilled EU immigration for five years.

This issue is central to many of the arguments around leaving the EU and immigration. If the right wing Conservatives and UKIP get their way and we stop unskilled workers coming from Europe to pick fruit and so on - who do we get to do it instead?

The UKIP Councillor who phoned LBC started talking about returning to the good old days - a common theme with UKIP - looking to turn back the clock to the 1950s and before. An unlikely turning back the clock delusion!

Farmers who produce the fruit and other products relying on low paid workers have also expressed concerns about how they will cope should these East Europeans be stopped from coming to their farms for the picking seasons. Again - it is common to hear farmers saying that local people will not do these jobs.

UKIP have a good reason to avoid answering this question about getting local non-immigrants to do this hard - low paid work. It is because they don't have a good answer to it - not something their voters would want to hear anyway.

What they want to avoid saying is that to get non-immigrants to do this work, farmers would have to pay a lot more in wages which in turn would drive up the price of the food produced and make it more expensive in the shops. This would hit the low paid people in this country most of all since a greater proportion of their income goes on food than for wealthier people.

Either you pay more or you create a situation where local are so desperate for money and some sort of income that they feel compelled to do the work. This might be achieved by denying them benefits or opportunities to do any other work - in other words force them, through poverty, into doing it.

Obviously UKIP could have a much better answer than this - but I would be surprised because they would surely have used it when asked.

We are going to leave the EU - and attempts are going to be made to reduce immigration and maybe that is the will of the many people - it is certainly is an important issue and rightly subject to public debate. All that might be fine - but certain politicians are hiding some hard facts from some of their supporters.

If people on low incomes are voting for people promising to stop low paid workers coming to do hard, low paid, jobs in this Country then they should be more open and honest about the implications for this policy for these poorer people.

If you are a non-immigrant on a low income - for what ever reason - and low paid workers stop coming here to pick fruit and other food stuffs then either it won't get picked and will not be available to buy - or it will be more expensive because farmers have to pay more to get ir picked - or you might end up having to do this work because you have no choice.