17/02/2015 06:44 GMT | Updated 18/04/2015 06:59 BST

David Cameron: Entertaining the Richest, Taking Away From the Poorest

David Cameron's threat to freeze the benefits of those with drug addiction or obesity problems, unless they accept treatment, is nothing less than the bullying of a small section of our population in order to gain votes.

In a world still recovering from the financial meltdown - a trauma Europe is still struggling with - with Russia covertly fighting a war on the edge of Europe and serious conflict in the Middle East our political leader has chosen this time to attack some of our fellow citizens who already have enough problems.

Of course the idea of saving some money and at the same time a making things more difficult for those who are not doing well, will appeal to some Conservative voters.

Given the many complicated factors that lead to obesity and addiction it would a more reasonable position to support research into these problems - to provide some modest support for efforts to help people with these challenges in their lives.

Susannah Gilbert of the obesity support group - Big Matters is quoted as saying of this plan "I think it's naïve to think people don't want to change their lives most people aren't happy with their weight and would like to change".

I think she is being too kind - this proposal is mean spirited and cynical.

David Cameron could have selected a plan to actually help people with challenges. Or he could have tried by urging the people to be more tolerant and supportive of those with most needs - acting like a leader, bringing people together, instead of a cynical political opportunist.

This country needs a healthy and balanced economy - it needs an open and transparent system of democratic accountability, free from the secretive influences of the most-wealthy and it needs the richest corporations and individuals to pay their taxes.

This country also needs international security and stability - which is currently threatened in many places including Syria and Iraq and the Ukraine. We need more people to be interested in politics - especially young people - something which should surely be on anyone's list of priorities - especially the political leader of this nation

It does not need to have people already with a number of personal problems subject to punitive sanctions. So, with all these obvious threats and challenges to our Country what does our leader urge us to do? He starts picking on people who aren't in a position to attend the Conservative fundraising events at £1,500 a ticket - not that this buys these wealthy folks that do attend any undue influence of course.

I am no expert but I know that people with drug or obesity problems often have a number of challenges - it will rarely by just obesity or drug use - it is likely that many are obese because of illnesses and injuries - because they can't be active enough. Drug problems will often be accompanied by mental health difficulties. The idea of people being coerced into treatment for the one thing - drugs or obesity - by some private contractor under pressure to meet quotas - is callous and simplistic.

The idea of someone from a wealthy and privileged background like Cameron promoting the idea of taking money away from people who don't have very much says a lot about the modern Conservative Party - entertaining the richest at lavish events whilst taking away from the poorest whenever they can.

This proposal is about cynically whipping up some resentment towards one group of people who have problems for the sake of extra votes and saving a tiny amount of money.

Of course a few people will agree with this idea - it sounds right doesn't it - as long as we don't think about very hard. Getting people back to health and able to take a fuller part in society is a good thing - this is all about how you do it - but I don't think this proposal is really meant to help people with obesity or drug problems it is about winning a few more votes.