31/01/2017 07:27 GMT | Updated 01/02/2018 05:12 GMT

We Would Stand With You Theresa May, If Only You Wanted Us To

Bastiaan Slabbers via Getty Images

In a disturbing outfit colour-match, Donald Trump sealed the USA's 'special relationship' with the UK with a clumsy hand grasp - the only thing he seems to have grasped from his meeting with our lacklustre prime minister.

And this made me wonder, what if - in an alternative Brit-in universe - it had been David Cameron visiting Trump, would the pair have held hands so delicately? Assisted one another down a practically flat staircase?

As thousands of people across the UK protest against Trump's travel ban and May's quiet compliance, I wonder what example is being set for young girls. Just two weeks after a worldwide women's march against the president, it seems that May left not only her voice in America, but also her role as an inspirational figure to women across the world.

At a time when the US would rather elect a racist misogynist than have a woman in the driving seat, May's role as a female leader has never been more vital, and yet has never felt more wasted. It's imperative at these uncertain times that May asserts both her dominance as an advocate of human rights, and also as a woman.

May should have vocally supported the women's march; she should have been there megaphone in hand, reassuring us that she would not sit quietly as Trump rejects our existence as equal human beings. Our prime minister has the most incredible of opportunities to prove to the young girls in America disheartened by Clinton's loss - a defeat felt so deeply across the world - that women can in fact be whoever they want to be, including world leaders.

But it seems May is instead taking a different stance, one of fear. By defending her decision to invite Mr Trump for a state visit, May is effectively submitting to his travel ban, turning her back on a huge number of citizens across the UK. After initially refusing to condemn the ban, declaring that the US is responsible for its own refugee policy, Downing Street finally issued a statement criticising the move. Although you can't help but feel that May is treading on eggshells, issuing half-hearted proclamations and shying away from the limelight.

Surely May is aware that taking a backseat is effectively bowing down to Trump's heinous policies on immigration, climate change and abortion. If the UK and US are such 'close allies' as May so insists, then she should be brave enough to speak out on behalf of her country that does not agree with Trump's policies, and does not want to wait in the wings while a new and unfamiliar America rewrites the plot.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if May could be written in as a heroic Hugh Grant, expressing outrage at Trump's America: 'Since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward I will be prepared to be much stronger. And the president should be prepared for that'.

Love actually would be all around.

A young girl at the women's march proudly waved a sign that read: 'this girl can'. I sincerely hope the rest of us are doing enough as role models for the next generation, because it looks like the people on top have forgotten what they're fighting for.

Theresa May must not lie down and allow Trump to trample human rights. After all, in the president's eyes, May must prove herself even more than her male counterparts.

So now is the time for her voice to be heard loudly and more supported than ever - we would stand right behind her if only she would stand in front of us.