09/11/2016 08:41 GMT | Updated 10/11/2017 05:12 GMT

What's Happened To Sanity In 2016?

UK, USA - what the fuck is wrong with you?

Have you got your heads wedged so far up your iPhone's charging-hole that you can't see the ridiculous decisions you're making?

As I wake up to unbelievable news for the second time in 6 months, I'm starting to lose faith in the people that are supposed to be setting an example for what real, adult life should be like. The older generation seem to be moving backwards, while the younger generation look forwards without being able to actually move.

How can people vote in such a way that means children are now growing up in countries that actively seem to support misogyny, racism, and hate in general?

It's frustrating to feel so involved and influenced by these decisions, and yet have no control over them. Why were 16 and 17 year-olds in the UK and America not allowed to vote in two of the biggest political decisions in their lives? Decisions that will undeniably affect them more than many of the people who were able to vote.

It seemed so blindingly obvious 6 months ago that Brexit would be a mistake, something that would encourage hate and be almost impossible to negotiate. After the results, the leave-camp disappeared in waves, shying away from the responsibility that their lie-riddled campaign thrust upon them, admitting that they never thought it would happen.

And now it seems so obvious again that Trump is not a person that should be running a country. He's a rich reality television star with more money than sense, and I can't help but think some people thought Tuesday's vote was for the finale of a glamorous reality show.

I don't understand how we live in a world where people actually think Brexit and Trump are the answers to their problems. Of course people are disenchanted with politics and the current systems we have, but these radical decisions can't be the solution.

In favouring Trump, not only have America made themselves seem cowardly - the opposite intention of Trump's (can-you-even-called-it-a) campaign - but they've allowed the sexualisation of women to be dismissed as 'locker room chat' by a man they want to lead their country.

Are you feeling ok guys? It's a dark day when you would rather elect a racist misogynist than have a woman as president.

We think Brexit's bad, - and of course it is - but America have gone one further, and have effectively voted for a caricature to lead them into at least the next 4 years of their lives. A man who thought that the Paris attacks could have been prevented, if only the victims had guns. A man who famously thinks you can grab any woman you want 'by the pussy'. A man who wants to build a wall to stop other human beings getting into his 'great' America.

I'm sure many Americans would like to be on the opposite side of that wall as the next 4 years progress.

So, congratulations America and the UK, in 2016 you've made both your countries undesirable places to live. Maybe you'll finally keep out those immigrants you say are stealing your jobs, but you'll also have no young people and no worldwide support - I hope it doesn't get too lonely. Enjoy all that extra work you've so been craving.