15/06/2015 19:06 BST | Updated 13/06/2016 06:59 BST

5 Soundcloud Tracks Of The Week

@Stikmatik, one of North London's most prolific producers, describes his sound as a blend of "DnB, desi, Hip Hop, RnB, Folk, Grime and Dub all wrapped into a secret formula"

He displays his versatility with his latest offering, 'Heaven' h.o.t.h Remix. Need a hot track as well as a remix? Stikmatik is your guy.

@GraciousKisay, the creator of the phenomenon that was the 'Migraine Skank' returns with another head jerking, gun finger and screw face-maker of a tune. The intro alone sounds so solid (pun intended) and its topped off with bravado bars. Nice one Gracious!

@Yasmeen_music has that strong and pure pop ballad voice you hardly hear nowadays. 'Said U Would' is clean, stripped down with strings to emphasis the mood, before some kicks and hi hats bring it home for impact. Bookmark her soundcloud page.

According to her website bio, @LuvRell is best recognised for her 90's-inspired melodies, intricate harmonies and creative riffs. 'Luv You Right' exhibits this statement perfectly. Have a listen and you'll spend the £2.49 for her Alpha Tauri EP from iTunes HERE.

@DornikSpeaks uploaded Kitos remix to his latest track 'Drive', just a few days ago. In that time the epically euphoric remix has already amassed over 5,000 plays and steadily growing. This is a perfect example of not spoiling a delectable track, but simply adding a different spice to it.