The Week That Was

05/11/2011 23:23 GMT | Updated 05/01/2012 10:12 GMT

The fireworks started early this week, with shocks in store for nearly everyone, not least the Eurozone's leaders, who went into November probably feeling, if not smug, then at least satisfied they had a plan for Greece's debt crisis. George Papandreou clearly had other ideas.

Having announced plans for a referendum on the proffered financial bail-out, the Greek prime minister managed to dominate the news agenda throughout the week, throwing the G20 summit into turmoil, sending stock markets falling, narrowly survive a vote of no confidence and starting to plan a new coalition government all in the space of five days.

As our business editor, Peter Guest, points out, however, the whole debacle 'at least served the purpose of reminding the world that the Greeks still have a hand in their own fate - even if that fate is to choose between very bad options'.

No wonder Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy aren't smiling. Although, at least they didn't hear the news via their TV sets, as David Cameron was forced to do.

A shock for the rest of us meanwhile, if not the father himself, was the announcement that Hugh Grant had become a father for the first time. The result of a 'fleeting affair', maybe the biggest surprise wasn't that he'd had a baby, or that he'd manage to keep her birth back in September secret up until now, but the baby's name. What self-respecting celebrity calls their child something as normal as Jessica?!

Short-lived Hollywood marriages being as common as weird baby names, it should have come as no surprise to hear Kim Kardashian was separating from her husband Kris Humphries - and while no means a record, 72 days is short-lived even by reality TV standards. The reason behind the split? 'Intuition' was the only explanation Kim would give when quizzed on US TV.

Just think, the Russian cosmonauts who emerged this week from the car park they've been living in for the past 17 months could have squeezed seven Kardashian marriages into their time in simulated space. Real or not, emerging from their 'space station', these terranauts will have some assimilation to do.

A much nicer surprise was waiting for Lucy Rogers, whose boyfriend set a new benchmark for would-be fiancés everywhere, when he proposed with a singing flash-mob on the 19.57 overground train from Euston to Watford Junction. If you haven't yet watched the YouTube video below, do now - I promise it'll put a big smile on your face. And if you're in the mood for more video surprises, check out a bikini-clad surfer in California narrowly avoiding being swallowed whole by a whale, here. Although, warning, don't have a mug of hot anything in your hand when you're watching it. Spillage is inevitable, even when you know what's coming.