04/08/2016 13:15 BST | Updated 05/08/2017 06:12 BST

If You're Under 30, Here's What Life Under Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Government Would Look Like

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Our democracy has run away from us. After five years of broken promises from a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition, we now have a Tory government which has veered right from its manifesto and has put young people under attack. Many are resigned to it - we're young, we're struggling, we've no reason to expect better. Jobs are hard to find, we can neither afford education nor afford to neglect it, and a secure home is just a distant dream. For millions of young people in Britain today, it feels like there's nothing we can do.

Those of us who voted last election did so overwhelmingly for Labour, but even there the offer was inadequate. There would be small changes here and there which would make our lives a little less bad. Tuition fees would be reduced to a level still double that of 2009; there would be investment in some areas, but only within the consensus that austerity was inevitable and necessary. The focus was never our generation - and from the perspective of some politicians, why should it be? We don't vote.

Last summer this all changed. The Labour Party dramatically altered its trajectory. When hundreds of thousands of people - a large proportion of them young and disenfranchised - elected Jeremy Corbyn, we set the Labour Party on a different path with a positive vision for democratic socialist politics.

After a whirlwind of drama and chest-beating from some of our MPs, Jeremy Corbyn has been given the opportunity to reiterate, expand and clarify this vision. This time there is a much better feel for how we will rebuild and transform Britain. I have no doubt that, once again, young people will overwhelmingly endorse it.

We are being offered the four things we most desperately need: jobs, homes, education, and hope.

Today, many areas are being drained by big cities simply because young workers can't stay with their friends and families to start their working lives. Even those with training or degrees are fighting for a handful of jobs. Under a Jeremy Corbyn government no young person will be thrown on the scrap heap. No matter where you're from, or whatever has happened to the industry in your community in the past, you will be guaranteed a decent job. This will be paid for through a £500billion National Investment Bank: pumping money into the economy to get it running again, with every pound spent creating jobs and building infrastructure.

Education will no longer be an unaffordable privilege. We will enjoy a National Education Service that offers free and accessible education for all stages of life. This won't just cater to the academically-inclined, it will guarantee quality apprenticeships and lifelong skills training

The insecurity, instability and chaos that plague our living conditions will end. There will be rent controls, and beefed up tenants' rights. This means safe and decent housing, not forcing young people to live in damp, overcrowded, fire hazardous accommodation. Most importantly, Corbyn is pledging to end the housing crisis by building a million homes, half of which council houses. With this mass building programme will come jobs and opportunities.

Beyond jobs, education and homes, we are being offered a vision of a government that will offer something which has been sorely missing for decades: hope. Last year our new leadership offered young people a vision to get behind. This year, we are being given a real sense of how a Jeremy Corbyn government will offer us hope for a better world.

As the gay rights activist, Harvey Milk, said before his assassination: "I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it life is not worth living." This must be Labour's offer to young people.