27/04/2016 09:15 BST | Updated 27/04/2017 06:12 BST

Why No Mention of Hillsborough on Today's Front Page of The Sun?

Yesterday, after twenty seven years, the families of those who died in the Hillsborough disaster were told that their fathers, sons, brothers and sisters were unlawfully killed on that unforgettable day in 1989


All media organisations in the UK covered the story, with two notable exceptions.

The Sun, Liverpool's worse enemy, did not mention the story on their front page at all, despite the huge public and media attention it received.

The other publication that made no reference to the story was The Times, also owned by Australian geriatric, Rupert Murdoch.

On the front page of the red topped tabloid was a mediocre story about David Cameron's Whatsapp usage alongside a story captioned: "Did Rita zzzzzzzzzz with Jay?"

Whether Rita zzzzzzzzzzzed or not is for another day, but The Sun definitely took a long snooze on Tuesday as they appeared to completely miss (or ignore) the story.

I hate football, I couldn't care less about the game! However, Hillsborough isn't about football; it is about the miscarriage of justice and the cover ups that followed!

Yesterday marked the end of the longest running inquest in British legal history. It is newsworthy, in every sense of the word.

Maybe The Sun's readers can't understand the complex legal jargon such as 'coroner' or 'unlawful killing' so instead of explaining it to them, the writers decided to talk about David Cameron using a smartphone. Fancy that, he is using a phone just like you and me! He really is a man of the people!

The Sun clearly have a contempt for the people of Liverpool, as such the feeling is mutual. You might have thought they would have realised their mistakes last time when newspaper sales dropped dramatically after the Liverpool boycott.

There is of course mention to Hillsborough with an editorial comment on page 10:


At a press conference yesterday in Warrington, the lawyer representing the families made it clear that Sun reporters were not welcome in the room. It is not hard to see why! Maybe today's front page is the editors' retaliating to their ban, and this is their version of 'spitting the dummy of of the pram.'

I can't help but feel the decision not to feature Hillsborough on the front pages of The Sun and Times came from high above. That can of course only mean one thing: Rupert Murdoch has managed to get away from Jerry for long enough to bark his draconian orders that his papers were not to feature the story.

Am I shocked by the decision? No, not really - it is News Corp after all!

So, how will The Sun respond to all of today's criticism? I should imagine they will do a small apology of no more than an inch long on page 37 of tomorrow's paper.

When the paper reemployed Kelvin MacKenzie as a columnist not too long ago, it was met with widespread disgust. The man who just a few months ago joked that he should be made a Tory peer so his title can be "Lord Kelv of Anfield." The man who took well over two decades to apologies for the infamous 'The Truth' front page. MacKenzie does nothing for journalism. He tarnishes the profession and gives journalists everywhere a bad name.

Clearly they don't want Hillsborough to be a story, they wanted The Sun to be the story. They wanted the public attention today and crave to be a talking point. Today's front page has one purpose only, and that is to mock the people of Liverpool and to belittle the families of those who died.

They not only missed the story completely, but they also missed their opportunity to apologies unreservedly to the families and those effected.

It is definitely one of the worst acts of 'journalism' I have ever seen - to completely ignore a news story of massive significance with huge consequences. Maybe The Sun needs to remember they do not control the news, it is their job to report on it! It appears they only do so, however, when it suits them.