25/09/2015 13:41 BST | Updated 23/09/2016 06:12 BST

My Pre-London Fashion Week, Supposed, Chill Time...

Whether you love it, hate it or you're not particularly fussed by it, London Fashion Week is totally a big thing. So I reluctantly decided to get involved this season. And, lets be honest, why wouldn't I be into it, with such demanding questions like:

"What on earth will I wear?"

"But where will I sit?"

"Have I lost enough weight to fit into a size zero, built for a child, outfit?"

So for my pre fashion week regime, I thought i'd take it easy, get some rest and put some quality time and effort into planning my week of fashion.

This thought process lasted all but a solid twenty four hours.

After spending majority of that day, sat in front of my laptop, searching for outfits, I decided, life is too short and fashion should be way more fun. So, I took it upon myself to start off my London Fashion Week in true British form...

With plenty of alcohol and a jolly good bit of socialising!

My week started off, in fine form, with the book launches of my close friends Millie Mackintosh (Made) and Professor Green (Lucky). In true supportive friend mode, instead of making the effort to buy their books, I took it upon myself to 'borrow' one, each, for an indefinite period of time. So apologies guys if you are reading this but it was so worth it and don't worry, I don't expect to be on the christmas card list this year.

Next I headed to the Levi's Lot 700 Launch celebrating women in denim. Now, feeling brave and thinking I was cool, I opted for a triple denim look to really brown nose the Levis posse. Sadly my outfit didn't take into account,

1. We were in the basement is a heavily lit regent street store.

2. The air con was turned off (May I also add my jacket had a fleece lining)

This meant not only was my upper lip sweat flowing as heavily as Niagara Falls, but, as it was so bright, people over on the other side of the room could see it. It looked like I'd been rained on.

In needing of some serous relaxation, it was off to the Dorothy Perkins pamper bar. Thinking maybe I should make an effort this fashion season, you know, get my nails painted, try to look pretty. In hindsight, maybe I should have gone with my initial thought of not bothering. So, to set the scene, I sat down, took off my shoes and assumed the pedicure position. Though this one contained Prosecco in one hand! Now I am not a huge fan of people playing with my feet, I find it to be more like torture than relaxing, so I was already dreading it!

Then it begun. Already I could feel the tickle of her hands poking my toes, so I drank more, hoping distraction would cover my ever twitching foot. it was then that she found it, that sweet spot where there was no control. My foot started to twinge. Then it happened. My foot jolted forward and I kicked in her left breast. Shock, Horror! Totally embarrassed I said I had to go, put on my shoes and walked out with one and a half feet done. No opened toe shoes for me this fashion week!

So after this hectic build up to an even more hectic week, feeling tired already, I opted for Reviv drip vitamin booster. I was slightly skeptical. In my mind the only time needles should go in your body is for medical reasons. But, It's safe to say I've never felt such goodness from such a tiny prick. I left with a new skip in my step ready for the manic week of TOTES FASH YAR!