03/03/2014 11:58 GMT | Updated 03/05/2014 06:59 BST

Jedi Mind Trick Your Way to More Running Motivation

Stuck in a running rut? In need of some get up and go? Maybe you're already a keen runner but want to take it to the next level. Harness 'The Force' within with these mind tricks for more running motivation.

Using good memories to overcome ambivalence and for running motivation. Fill the hippocampus, your memory store, with positive memories about running. Get into the habit of repeatedly reminding yourself about the wonderful benefits of running and everything you love about it. Perhaps there is a specific memory about a time when running felt fantastic that you can keep returning to. Try using all of your senses to re-imagine that memory; what you looked like, felt, saw, heard, smelled, and thought. That way, instead of being put off by a miserable memory of running in the rain, your positive memory will be front of mind so that you automatically think of running in a positive way.

Keep fit, have better sex. Exercising frequently could increase your satisfaction with your sex life, according to a study at the New Mexico State university. Other factors such as higher self-confidence and improved body image were also noted.

Harnessing the power of Intrinsic running motivation

Motivating yourself from the inside (intrinsic motivation) is often more effective than motivation that comes from external rewards (extrinsic motivation). So instead of thinking about winning a race or getting praise from your peers, work on discovering what higher meaning or purpose running has for you. What does running give you at an emotional level? What reasons do you run that don't involve other people or external reward?

Who Inspires you?

Perhaps you're inspired by someone who just gets on with things, or someone who constantly pushes themselves. When my friend Amber was training for the London marathon she would think of her Nana; how strong she was when she was ill and how little she complained. Focusing on this helped her to get through the 20th mile when training alone in rural Cornwall.

Who's your Mentor?

Whether a training coach, friend or Rocky Balboa, what motivating words or advice would your mentor give you at those moments when you need them most? Try this; Imagine your mentor in front of you (or running beside you). Now, float up out of your body into into theirs. From their perspective, give yourself some advice and motivation (keep it positive and understanding, the most motivating advice always is) before floating back into yourself and taking it all on board. Alternatively, imagine Ryan Gosling/Scarlet Johansen/your partner whispering words of encouragement into your ear.

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