30/03/2015 10:21 BST | Updated 29/05/2015 06:59 BST

London's Funniest Trip Advisor Reviews

"I'll just check Trip Advisor."

Those few words that we say over and over again when searching for the best places to visit.

I've learned to take reviews on the site with a pinch of salt. Generally the people reviewing fall into a few categories. There are the ones who moan about everything - the view, the service, the food, the weather! You just know from the tone of the writing, that they're natural complainers. There are the glowing reviews that seem a bit suspicious (who's paying who here?). Then there are thousands of very average reviews, so average you wonder why anyone could be bothered to write them in the first place.

In addition to those, I've discovered another category. A category for the confused... The people who either don't quite get it, or are attempting a moment of comedy. Didn't they read up on what they were visiting in advance? Were they facing the wrong way? All I know is they provide some brilliant entertainment for the rest of us!

London is one of the most reviewed cities on Trip Advisor, but, who are the 3 reviewers who have bothered to notify the world that the Queens Golden Jubilee Bridges are just 'average'? Why is Bethnal Green Station rated as the 343rd 'landmark in London'? Oh, and then there's this lot...

Madame Tussauds


A trip to a waxork museum and no autographs? Surely a refund is in order...

Buckingham Palace


So sorry Lizzy didn't invite you in for tea like she did with the rest of us. Next time... and then there's another one...


Dry sandwiches in the Buck House café? What is the world coming to...

Nelson's Column


Let that be a warning to you! But then there are a lot of issues with Nelson's Column - particularly its height...


Maybe write a letter to Boris and see if he can trim it down?

Downing Street


I'm sure DC would have loved to see you...

Abbey Road


Nine people found that helpful...

Bethnal Green Station


Well that's cleared that up then.

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