08/03/2012 07:25 GMT | Updated 07/05/2012 06:12 BST

Britain Needs 20/20 Vision

There are many definitions of leadership and equally as many models and paradigms attempting to create a simple solution to delivering successful leadership.

The definition I prefer is that "A leader is someone who has to deliver results through others".

This is true whether you run a small team providing a service or producing widgets within a company, you are a corporate CEO or the Prime Minister. Achieving success is determined by how you motivate and activate your team and the results they produce.

This week Ed Miliband was berated live on air for "not inspiring anyone" and a leaked memo from Vince Cable's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills provided Number 10 with suggestions on how to invigorate growth within the economy.

It is clear that inspiration and vision is key to success for the Prime Minister and for the Country.

The economic issues we are facing are certainly difficult and there is no magic wand to make them disappear overnight. But with an ambitious reform plan, David Cameron's ability to relate a credible vision for Britain's future is key to the success or failure of this Government.

Newspaper articles and commentary often quote people who are confused or simply do not understand key parts of the Government's strategy, such as the NHS Reforms and the changes to welfare and social care. The plans themselves are sound in terms of what they aim to achieve, but unless people are able to understand them it is very difficult to gain support. Clear communication is vital.

I have discussed before the key role of consumer confidence in achieving economic recovery. Providing the public with a picture of what Britain will look like in the future will have an important effect on delivering confidence, and so achieving the Government's economic goals.

Vision is about being long sighted. It requires courage, especially in politics, to stay away from the short term gimmicks which may seem to please the voters, but which do not always contribute to building the stable and prosperous future the country deserves.

Visions need to be punchy, memorable and, most importantly, believable; It will be a story which will stir emotions and unite people. Only once Cameron has sold the vision will he be able to get people to come on the journey; to understand the reforms and plan for achieving Britain's future.

David Cameron is in an ideal place though. He is 16 points more popular than his party and a long way ahead of Ed Miliband in the polls. Now is the time to really sell his vision for Britain's future. At the moment, Cameron is the only person who can give the Britain 20/20 vision.