16/01/2014 07:34 GMT | Updated 17/03/2014 05:59 GMT

The Only Way You Can Go From Monday Morning Sinking Feeling to Floating on Air by 5pm Friday

Looking forward to going to work tomorrow?

Getting up at the crack of dawn, commuting on a packed train?

Is it actually a good job that you mostly enjoy? But it's the drag of having to be at the office first thing, not leave till last thing and have to do the same journey every day, that can sometimes get you down?

Is it the giving up of the freedom and control over your own time that you have at weekends that means you occasionally sit, bored or demotivated and ask yourself...

'is there more to life than this?'

You know the answer...

You know there is more.

Far more.

You're just looking in the wrong place for the right answer.

Reading another Sunday newspaper feature about changing your life through an amazing diet where you can eat what you want, or through an amazing exercise programme where you only exercise for one minute a day!?

Is that the answer to leading a full life?


The answer is right in front of your face, but not in the Sunday supplements!

It's in your week ahead. Most people are looking at changing the aspects of their life they never can, or will, change because they haven't got the time it needs... because they are already working too hard to earn enough to live.

They haven't got the time to dedicate to achieving anything outside their normal daily lives.

Guides in newspapers won't make the slightest difference even if you do follow them to the letter because they are written to fit into your existing working life.

How you spend your time and money is the way you spend your life.

Spend it climbing to the top of a ladder and you might gain more money.

Spend it going on a journey and you will gain treasured memories.

You must firstly look no further than question the one and only activity that currently kills your most time and wastes your most energy. Something that school taught you what to think about, based on a rule that was passed nearly 200 years ago, and nobody has ever thought to question since. Even though everything about it has changed since you were at school...

Change the way you work.

Then, and ONLY THEN, can you change ANYTHING in your life.

You no longer need to be trapped in an office 40 hours a week. Work 'Out Of office', in great coffee shops and you will be 50% more productive and creative. Creating at least five hours of new time for yourself and your family every single week. You can be just as successful at work but can also now be happier at home.

Since Wi-Fi became widely available, along with the growing number of cool coffee shops, people have been untying themselves from their desks and working wherever they wanted.

In the digital age, the 'Out of Office' movement is growing faster than ever, fuelled by entrepreneurs, artists and flexitime workers, on their mobiles, tablets and laptops in what some refer to as their 'coffices'. We are also seeing the fast expansion of co-working hubs providing start-ups with office support, amid a similar atmosphere to a coffee shop.

The $100million sales of Moshi Monsters began over a macchiato in London. Craig Newmark started his craigslist website in a coffee shop on the US West Coast. The 50 million check-ins of Foursquare were inspired and built in two New York coffee shops. Barack Obama's first inauguration speech was written in a Starbucks and Harry Potter, the most successful fictional character of all time, was born in a small Edinburgh café.

Has that taken away the sinking feeling and inspired you to question the way you work?

Chris Ward

I am writing a series of features to inspire people to break a 200-year-old bad habit we have, to stop doing the one thing that that kills most of our time and energies - going to the same place for eight hours of every day, of every week, of every year, to do our work.

I help businesses become more successful and people become happier, by helping them change the way they work and showing them how forming a new #OutOfOffice habit will give them the time, money, motivation and confidence to improve anything they want in their life or business.