02/02/2014 13:50 GMT | Updated 04/04/2014 06:59 BST

These Chaps Want Women to Stay in the Kitchen While They F**k Anything That Moves

Last week a colleague of mine wrote an article on a book written by Vincent Vinturi, who wrote a book called: LMR Expose: How To Overcome Her Last Minute Resistance To Sex, Turn 'No' Into 'Yes' And Get the Lay. Amazon pulled the book from its online store. My colleague has since received obscene and disgusting threats on Twitter...

Last week a colleague of mine wrote an article on a book written by this chap...

vincent vinturi

This is Vincent Vinturi, who wrote a book called: LMR Expose: How To Overcome Her Last Minute Resistance To Sex, Turn 'No' Into 'Yes' And Get the Lay.

Click here for the article and an overview of the book.

After the publication of the article and under some considerable pressure from a number of people, Amazon pulled the book from its online store.

Cue backlash.

A chap named 'Roosh' started a forum to discuss the issue. I say discuss, but basically what it amounts to is a bunch of meatheads pondering how to ruin a woman's career while simultaneously showing an utter lack of knowledge about media, law or humanity in general.

Here are a few choice selections:

If these harpies start doing this sort of stuff they can expect gunpowder that will take 200 years to get dry, we must retaliate.

I'd like to assemble as much information on her as possible before presenting my findings on a ROK post.

I pity all the women out their with rape fantasies. They are at a very tough time in the century right now being forcefully held from their innermost desires by other women.

If you want to see more they're all available to view here if you can stomach it.

As well as this, she also received obscene and disgusting threats on Twitter (not necessarily from anyone to do the ROK but as a result of the backlash against the pulling of Vincent's book).

The online focus point for the chaps in the forum is a blog called 'Return of Kings', of which Roosh is the publisher Here's their mission statement:

Return Of Kings is a blog for heterosexual, masculine men. It's meant for a small but vocal collection of men in America today who believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine.

ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men. Sadly, yesterday's masculinity is today's misogyny. The site intends to be a safe space on the web for those men who don't agree with the direction that Western culture is headed.

Lets have a look at the Taliban's, oops, I mean ROK's 'manifesto' which comes with the following warning:

Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned.

How lovely. Ok, here we go...

1. Men and women are genetically different, both physically and mentally. Sex roles evolved in all mammals. Humans are not exempt.

Congratulations, you've displayed a basic knowledge of biology. That and the grammatically correct use of English on the site makes me think you are actually human and not just a computer inexplicably programmed to spout utter tripe at random like I first thought.

2. Women are sluts if they sleep around, but men are not. This fact is due to the biological differences between men and women.

This "fact" is due to the biological differences between your brain and those of the rest of modern society. I believe it's a swelling in the Primary Fuckwit Cortex.

3. Men will opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them.

You're actually correct here: Things won't do things they don't like. Just like women won't stay in relationships they don't like. Or like how cows won't piss on electric fences.

4. Past traditions and rituals that evolved alongside humanity served a net benefit to the family unit.

Like what? Human sacrifice in Aztec Mexico? Morris dancing? Easter? Oh, you mean the old school classic of subjugating women. Have you thought about moving to Saudi Arabia? Those guys don't even let bitches drive, dude!

5. Testosterone is the biological cause for masculinity. Environmental changes that reduce the hormone's concentration in men will cause them to be weaker and more feminine.

Women are weaker? Oh, of course. That's why you feel so comfortable ganging up in your little forums and insulting them over the internet while firmly hidden behind your computer screens. You are so manly I think I'm getting an erection.

6. A woman's value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man's value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.

Well, by your own reasoning you're worth approximately fuck all.

7. Elimination of traditional gender roles and the promotion of unlimited mating choice in women unleashes their promiscuity and other negative behaviours that block family formation.

So basically, give women a choice beyond being a domestic slave to one man and they will do things that terrify your tiny mind, bring out your crippling insecurity and make you realise your penis is an appendage not a weapon.

8. Socialism, feminism, and cultural Marxism cause societies to decline because they destroy the family unit, decrease the fertility rate, and require large entitlements that impoverish the state.

I didn't know Karl Marx had a vagina. Or that social theories can decrease fertility rates. Are libraries radioactive?

The ROK website is peppered with helpful articles such as 'How To Seduce A Lesbian As A Straight Guy (And not just the ugly bull dykes)', 'A Players' Guide To Wine Appreciation', and the wonderfully sensible 'Why You Should Start Smoking (the benefits outweigh the costs).

This last article contains the nugget: "It is a known fact that girls who smoke are 69% more likely to be thin, slutty, and suck mean dick."

Seriously, have a look around - it's mind-blowing.

Please note that I'm not judging Vincent's book here nor am I passing judgement on when persuading a girl to have sex with you passes into rape territory - I'm merely demonstrating that with core beliefs such as these all of your arguments become moot.

Just a couple of points to finish. I'm not gay nor do I have a vagina. And to pre-empt your juvenile attempts to discredit me, I'm not a bitter, resentful virgin either.

Fuck, I'm not even a feminist - I'm just a reasonable human being.