12/03/2014 08:01 GMT | Updated 12/05/2014 06:59 BST

Intuition, A Voice Louder Than Words

Intuition - we've all got it, we've all heard of it, and we've all ignored it. Our intuition is the most powerful weapon we have. It can save lives, it can save relationships, and it can save a lot of heartache. Why then, do so many of us ignore it?

We've all felt it; that sudden feeling that takes over our whole body, filling it with a voice full of answers, but no words. It's not something we can see, say or even steal. It's just there, waiting inside us, waiting to be stirred so it can tell us what to do.

It baffles me when I think of how many of us search for answers to problems, when all along we already know them. Think about it for a moment. When something is wrong, you know it. When you're about to make a decision you mull it over and over, and over again, desperately looking for something to feel right, but all along feeling it's wrong. It's a kind of dread. It's as clear as day. It's shouting, No!

When something is right, there's no doubt (don't confuse fear with doubt), only sheer joy. You feel elated. You feel confident. In most cases you barely need to ask.

Yet time and time again we stay in unhappy relationships, dead end jobs, and find ourselves making decisions that go against every echo of our inner voice; but why? Why do we cause ourselves so much heartache? Why do we waste so much time; time that is so precious, when we could be living happier, fuller lives, with a lot less stress?

I wonder how we managed in the good old days, when we lived simple lives in caves or mud huts - a clutter free life. Can you imagine Googling or Asking Jeeves what to do if things got tough? Nope. I should think we just got on with what felt right and obeyed what felt wrong. In this day and age we seem to make life so much harder for ourselves. We actually create our own mess; our own misery. We seem to rely so much more on other people's opinions, other people's lives, that we barely recognise our own as our own. Take hold of your life! If you are unhappy, listen to why, and if you are unsure, hear the answer.

Your intuition will never lie to you. It will always speak the truth. If you feel uneasy about something, don't ignore it. It's your intuition telling you to listen, and it will shout and scream at you until you do.

Intuition is in everything we do. When we're hungry, we eat. When we're tired, we sleep. When we're cold, we get warm. We don't ignore those intuitions because we know if we did we'd suffer. Well, it's the same with our emotions. Damaging them can have just as big an effect. In fact, what we can't see can sometimes be the most harmful. So, do yourself a favour and start listening to those nudges that you try so hard to suppress. When you do, you'll live a life you never knew you had.