26/09/2016 13:00 BST | Updated 27/09/2017 06:12 BST

Dear Fit-Shaming Mum

How long did it take you to find me

and then to troll me online?

Maybe when I was doing a workout?

It probably took the same time.

Yet, me taking time to exercise,

means I'm selfish and a terrible mum

I'm not interested in bonding

I'm more interested in shrinking my bum?

What makes you think you know me

and know my parenting style?

From the one pic you found on my insta?

Yes, I know, you think I'm vile

So I care more for my figure

I spend hours in the gym?

Because more important than my baby

Is me getting thin?

My reasons for exercise are private

And they are mine alone

Just like yours are for shaming,

Other women at home from your phone

But I will give you some insight

In the hope it will explain

That me choosing daily to exercise

Is NOT because I'm vain

I struggle with depression

There are somedays that I cry

But working out for just 10 minutes

Will lift my spirits high

I have 2 other children

Now this baby makes it three.

So surely it's so much better

If they get a happier me?

Is it wrong to want to be healthy

For my kids who are growing up?

So I can run, chase and tickle them

Without feeling tired and give up,

I want to feel healthy and happy,

I don't want to cry and feel sad

Exercise lets me do this

Tell me, why is this so bad?

It's really not about skinny

Or fitting my pre-baby jeans

It's all about me being healthy

When my kids are grown up in their teens

That photo won't show you our playtime

Or how we jump through puddles of mud

How I read them to sleep in the evening

And how as a mother - I am really good

You didn't see how tired I was

Or that this morning we played a game

You didn't see a mum, like you

That you have chose to shame

Did you ever stop for a moment

To really think this thing through?

Or is this not really about me

Does it say a lot more about you?

I didn't post this pic with you in mind

I'm too busy "working out" you see

But here's some advice I will give you

Worry more about you and not ME