13/07/2012 04:57 BST | Updated 10/09/2012 06:12 BST

In Front of The Telly - London 2012

The Olympics is the ultimate sporting occasion. The pinnacle of the pinnacle of sporting competition. When it was announced that Great Britain had won the bid to host the London 2012 Olympic games I was freelancing as a press officer for Alex Thomson Racing whose principle investor is none other the Sir Keith Mills, the non-executive director of the London 2012 organisation. The skipper Alex thomson and Hugo Boss the 60ft grand prix racing yacht had just completed the Gotlund Runt and sailing onboard was Olympic silver and bronze medallist Simon Hiscocks. We were celebrating this auspicious occasion in downtown Stockholm.

Simon Hiscocks was stoked. For him it was the best day ever, which created an opportunity for him to compete on his home ground in front of a home crowd. He was so pleased and he grinned from ear-to-ear all evening. Everyone was thrilled and the London 2012 Organisation had worked so hard for it. Everyone was pleased that is but me.

Back then in 2009 I didn't think we could afford as a nation to host the Olympic games and now even more so in 2012 and the financial crisis swirling I still think we are throwing a party we can't afford. I am not convinced the transport system can cope. I am not convinced that we won't be attacked and I am pretty certain the games will be rained upon heavily. So for these reasons I am shall be avoiding London and all Olympic venues. I know I am big fat party pooper but in my opinion London 2012 is a huge white elephant that the taxpayer can't afford.

However, what will be will be. For me it's about all the athletes that have invested years of blood, sweat and tears to get to the Olympic start line in the honour of their home nations. I want Blighty to do them proud and give them the greatest games since records began.

So I will be planning my Olympic viewing from the comfort and safety of my living room in front of the telly. I'll have the best seats in the house with the best view of each of the events and I won't have to queue for the loo.

Let the Games commence!