01/10/2013 06:08 BST | Updated 30/11/2013 05:12 GMT

What's in a Uniform!

Tom Winsor (born 7 December 1957) is a British lawyer and economic regulatory professional who was the Rail Regulator and International Rail Regulator for Great Britain from 5 July 1999 until 4 July 2004. He is a partner in international law firm White & Case LLP. On 1 October 2010, he was appointed by UK Home Secretary Theresa May MP to carry out a wide-ranging review of the remuneration and conditions of service of police officers and staff in England & Wales, the first for over 30 years. On 7 June 2012, the Home Secretary announced he was her preferred candidate to become HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary on the retirement of Sir Denis O'Connor. He was confirmed in that post on 3 July 2012, and will take office on 1 October 2012.

The man shown above has been attending public functions in full ceremonial Police dress uniform! Both serving, retired officers and their families are currently organising a petition to prevent this from EVER happening again

Of course many Police Officers have voiced their opinions via social media, in a much stronger way than I am doing here, but in honesty I feel they have been holding back in their outrage.

This man who is supported by those who have the real power, has dared to put on a uniform which is the preserve of those who carry the Queens warrant. This is why there is a criminal offence of impersonating a police officer. The Queens warrant makes officers special in the society we live in, as at least in theory they are set apart from other professions by this warrant. No one can tell a Police Officer when and where to use his unique power of taking someone's liberty from them. It is for each Officer to justify that most serious of their powers.


To stand there in the public eye wearing that uniform symbolising all that is great and good about the British Bobbie. Wearing that uniform he had done nothing to earn. Wearing that uniform that others look at and respect and the person wearing it who has earned that respect. That uniform which still has the dried blood of Pc Blakelock on it! With numerous others, unfortunately too numerous to mention.

How dare you Tom Winsor.

How can he in all good conscience, stand and face those who have lost loved ones, who were doing their duty! Even in this last week when Officer Andy Duncan, was proudly wearing that uniform when he so sadly lost his life.

How can he in all good conscience, stand in front of an officer who may have been confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of his/her life, and will to their dying day talk with pride of their service.

How can he in good conscience, empathise with a loved one who has lost their partner in the line of duty.

How can he in good conscience, stand there wearing a uniform he has no right to wear, then look into the eyes of the children who no longer have a mother or father because they wanted to help others.

How can he in good conscience...

Shame on those who allowed this insult to those brave enough to do such a job.

Apologise to all those who have earned the right to wear that uniform Tom Winsor!