Snuggle Style - Why the Onesie is Such a Hit

15/12/2011 17:47 GMT | Updated 13/02/2012 10:12 GMT

Around this time of year I get asked to talk and write about anything from Christmas break-ups to New Year detox diets. However, this year the really hot topic has been a 'fashion' item that's looking like it will be the big Christmas talking point and a major sell-out - the onesie.

Yes, this all-in-one adult Babygro has hit a chord with us Brits and it appears we are buying them in their thousands this Christmas.

Why? Good question. Firstly, the bad points: they are NOT flattering but if looking like an adult Teletubby is your thing, go for it. Secondly, well, as they are all-in-one there is the delicate issue of inconvenience (especially for women) when it comes to visiting the loo - what a total fath!

But still they sell.. and sell and sell.

Well, if I am really honest there is something strangely appealing about these new age Long Johns. (Shoot me now, Fashion Cop). While I am personally a strictly silk nightie or classic PJ type of girl, there is something almost 'back to the womb' about popping on a snuggly, cuddly, all-in-one like the onesie. They come in all styles too - from a classic, plain Babygro Onesie, to a plethora of cuddly animal versions - including adult bunnies, bears and lambs.

Perhaps it is the all-round warmth and comfort of the Onesie that has us all tempted? Goodness knows after last year's awful, freezing winter, keeping warm is a priority for all of us this year and being prepared with your super-warm onesie is not a bad idea.

But there is more to this Christmas fashion phenomenon than expected. Reports have shown that sales of the Onesie have been a huge hit with an unlikely fashion-gimmick buyer - men.

Yes, men are thoroughly enjoying slipping into their onesies it appears, walking around like oversized babies (think George Doors from BBC's Shooting Stars) or as big eejits if you ask me, if they are wearing the animal versions!

The back to baby element of the onesie seems to be another factor in its appeal. Perhaps all of us, especially men, love the idea of stripping off our executive suits or uniforms and getting back to our inner child - dressed as daft, overgrown, adult babies.

Clearly the onesie has also tapped in to another corner of the male psyche too, one that the classic pyjama just can't reach ...The Slob Factor. Yep, men love nothing more than returning to their cave men roots and slobbing out in the most convenient, hassle-free, low-maintenance leisure-wear possible. (Remember the shell suit?). Thus, the onesie is proving a massive hit for Britain's secret Wayne Slobs (and a few Waynettas to be fair).

I was talking about the onesie's appeal on BBC Radio Ulster today and we had a good laugh about the questionable style value of wearing one - particularly in public. (Do not do this by the way, unless it is for a bet - that's an order!).

However, we all had to agree that wearing one indoors, snuggled up in front the fire, (ideally with a hot mug of mulled wine), is a guilty pleasure that even the most precious fashionistas could be tempted by. So, here's to the onesie, the unlikely fashion must-have of the season and a true Christmas cracker.