20/04/2012 10:15 BST | Updated 20/06/2012 06:12 BST

Danish Dining With I'm a Kombo (VIDEO)


There are many reasons to fall in love with Copenhagen. Quality of life, understated style, great citizens and, with Noma acting as a catalyst, an exciting food culture ruled by a sense of adventure and an appreciation for sourcing quality ingredients.

Then there is I'm a Kombo, a relatively new venture by two young chefs who dedicate themselves to food design and experiential dining experiences. Brace yourselves foodies...

Bo and Lasse met in culinary school where they admit to initially hating each other. Thankfully, they managed to patch things up and now work on various projects under the banner of I'm a Kombo. The Social Act is a new series of dinners launched in March. Less pop-up and more part-time restaurant, The Social Act will host a handful of dinner parties to 14-person guest list every two months throughout the year. were lucky enough to be invited to the first dinner held in their new studio and kitchen space in Copenhagen. The carefully crafted 9 course menu fed us through their food "values": fun, interaction, trend, form, function, comfort food, contrast, surprising and innovation. All of the dishes - from dim sum, chicken hearts and horseradish jelly to Danish snobrød (baked by the guests on an open fire outside) with lumpfish roe and dulce de leche - were presented playfully and with thought. We had to suck our first course, split buttermilk, mussel oil and fennel aroma, out of a mysterious plastic tube protruding from beneath the dinner table.


Throughout the evening the charming duo talked us through each dish, proving their passion for food and attention to detail every step of the way. Once we were sufficiently stuffed and tippled we were ushered into Bo and Lasse's office for coffee and afters. The night ended with ice-cold cans of Carlsberg handed out to guests, reassuring everyone that they appreciate the simple things in life as well as extravagant experiential dining.


Text by Fiona Sinclair Scott for App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store