14/09/2016 09:04 BST | Updated 14/09/2017 06:12 BST

The Importance Of Celebrating Your Successes

For the Mums...

This week my daughter is turning 6 months, during that time...

I have answered the door wearing shorts with ugg boots and my hair in a crazy mess...

I have walked to the supermarket wearing a jumper with baby spew on it...

I have cried because I just needed a few minutes out of the house on my own in my own space and energy...

I have learnt a whole different level of tired...

I have worried about whether I'm doing a good enough job at being a mum...

I have judged myself for taking days (actually sometimes weeks), to get back to people or tick off a job that needed doing...

I have felt like a bullet proof ninja warrior one day and tired and vulnerable (on the cusp of crying over nothing/anything/everything) the next...

I have only been on time about 5% of the time over the past 6 months...

Yes... This is life...

It's a bit crazy sometimes

It's beautiful always

Even the messy and hard bits...

I share this craziness because it's real life and I want other mothers and women to know...

I get it

It's ok

You are enough and perfect and beautiful just as you are


You are doing amazing. Even if you think you are not. You are.

I know you are because you are getting up each and every day and having another shot.

You are amazing. Love yourself for that.

Facebook and social media is a beautiful world to connect and share, but we all know photos capture the surface. We need to really look and talk and connect to see the depth and complexity of life.

I have looked into the eyes of other parents with small children and felt a beautiful connection, compassion, kindness and deep understanding.

It's like being part of a special club and I know they "get it".

Once we become parents life becomes all about our children and we can't even remember life without them in it.

It's crazy and we are tired but we wouldn't have it any other way.

But.. it's also easy to get lost and to feel like we don't know who we are.

Through all the craziness and challenges I want to encourage the Mum's of this world to stop for a moment and to ask...

What are you doing to celebrate your successes?

We cheer and get excited about so many achievements and milestones of our children...

... Their first smile, their first roll, their first steps, their first words. Their first A,B,C.........X,Y,ZZZZZZZ.

What about your amazing achievements?

Whether that be

in your parenting

in your relationships with family &/or friends

in your career or business

in your personal development

in your sport or art or hobby or your contribution to humanity

How long has it been since you cheered and celebrated an achievement or milestone you have had.

What would it look like to you to celebrate a success of your own?

I know that for me this is an area I really need to lean into....

...As a busy "get lots done" achiever I have never been good at celebrating my own successes.

But... I know this is an important key to my happiness and sense of fulfilment in my life.

So I ask and encourage you, whether your child is 6 days old or 16 years old, to do two things:

1. Write a list of ten achievements or successes you have had in the past month.

2. Decide how you are going to celebrate that success and go do it.

You are beautiful

You are amazing

You are worthy and deserving

Dalice ❤️

The post with my ten achievements was originally published here