Gun Violence, Not Petition, Could Force Morgan Out of US

31/12/2012 14:21 GMT | Updated 02/03/2013 10:12 GMT

Piers Morgan has threatened to quit America in response to a 90,000-signature petition asking President Obama to deport him over his anti gun ownership stance.

The petition may be as non-serious as Morgan's threat. He can't be deported for speaking out against guns and it's doubtful he would leave the lucrative and protective US market while the phone hacking scandal is still alive in Britain.

But more importantly Morgan echoes the sentiments of most Americans who aren't just worried about the nation's historic gun culture, but also the growing "nut case" culture, which is responsible for these mass murders. Morgan points out the scary prospect of having his children attending American schools.

While the gun debate gets most of the press hype, the underlying sickness in this nation that creates Adam Lanza's has yet to be addressed by politicians. There seems to be one common denominator in most mass murders and serial killings. White men commit them.

Why white men and not Blacks or Hispanics? There are probably a variety of reasons from lower career prospects, peer group pressure, social isolation to the Women's Movement. This is the real challenge facing American combat this growing underling illness.

Yet, the great liberal establishment sees it a bit differently. In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre where 28 young kids and adults were murdered, Hollywood, as usual, got into the act with a video of several top celebrities pleading for gun control legislation. The mind numbing part of this was the degree or either hypocrisy or stupidity involved since many of the film stars have made millions from movies that have brainwashed American kids for generations with violence and imagery that made guns seem like toys.

A case in point: Back in 1963, a few months before President Kennedy was assassinated, I bought a Marlin .22 lever action rifle. I wanted it because it reminded me of the rifles used in all the western movies I had seen as a kid. Thankfully I only ever used it to shoot at bottles and tin cans. Today, the cowboy flicks I viewed as a kid are far too tame and bloodless for young kids.

So, for these actors to come out against guns is about as credible as their claims about Mitt Romney being un-American for outsourcing jobs abroad. Hollywood has long been one of the nation's biggest outsourcing industries. On the other hand, if Jamie Fox or Jeremy Renner takes a pledge never again to accept a part in a gun laden film, that would be something. But don't hold your breath.

Gun ownership to millions of Americans has become sort of an obsessive-compulsive disorder, almost a reason to be alive even though firearms account for more than 30,000 US deaths annually.

The offensive defensive posture of the gun lobby and right wing politicians in the wake of the multiple bloodbaths, the most recent one being Sandy Hook, Connecticut, points out how sensitive and militant these hardy frontier people are in their pick-ups and RVs. Just given them a gun rack and a "proud to be an American" sticker for the rear bumper of their Japanese car and its almost like being in heaven.

Now, I have nothing against people owning guns for sport or self-defense. What I find about as hard to swallow as a slug from a Colt .45 is their almost sensuous love for these weapons and the need to buy more and more of them, from automatic hand guns to assault rifles. To me, some of these people seem less than civilized morons.

The US Constitutions guarantees citizens the right to bear arms. But bearing arms doesn't specifically mean owning arms. It means we have the right to carry guns. So, the mere mention of gun control after incidents such as Tucson and its panic stations for the gun lobby.

Yet, I have to ask myself are 30,000 gun deaths, 10,000 by criminal acts, the mark of a civilized society? Because, as an American I would like to think I'm part of an advanced civilized nation that puts the welfare of its citizens above all other concerns.

Of course I could say, the US figures pale in comparison to gun deaths in Brazil and even in South Africa. But how many Sandy Hooks happen there?