06/03/2014 05:47 GMT | Updated 05/05/2014 06:59 BST

Ukraine: The West Defending Democracy or Just Playing Politics?

America and the European Union are playing politics, not defending democracy in rushing to support the revolutionary government in Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia's invasion of the country mutes its legitimate view that this was nothing more than an undemocratic coupe.

No matter how it looks, Russian President Vladimir Putin actually had a bit of the moral high ground here simply because he's supporting the democratically elected Ukrainian president who was chased from office by rule of the mob. Despite allegedly being corrupt and dictatorial Victor Yanukovych was legally elected and reelected, according to EU election monitors.

Of course Putin's real reason could simply be an opportune land grab. It has long coveted Crimea.

As I wrote here earlier, this entire sorry event might have been prevented had President Yanukoych announced a referendum on the issue of who Ukraine wanted to be allied to Russia or the EU. He did offer to hold early elections in an effort to appease the demonstrators. But then the killings began and it was a quick exit for the pres.

For Russia the crisis has given it the opportunity to annex Crimea and link it to the nearby Russian mainland. Putin has said he would like to build a bridge from the Crimea to his country.

There are nearly as many angles to this crisis as there are ethnic groups in Ukraine. It began as a popular non violent protest against government corruption, the close relationship Yanukovych had to Russia and his opposition to EU membership.

But the non-violence became ugly when right wing extremists took over much of the action. This is when the police began shooting and the president began running.

Now according to a report on Channel 4 News and in the Independent, there's the possibility that some Ukrainian protesters were actually responsible for shooting many of their fellow protesters to create anger enough to depose the president.

Yet, even though the truth may be out there, it's now irrelevant. The democratically elected leader was forced from office and Russia has repeated Hitler's rationale for invading Czechoslovakia in 1938... This time Russia is "protecting" ethnic Russian Ukrainians.

As for the western powers, especially the USA, the fact they immediately rushed to the aid of Ukraine's new and highly questionable government is the height of hypocrisy. Democratic nations all, for the sake east-west tension they have offered hefty financial support for an undemocratically installed government.

Before offering the new Ukraine billions, the best thing the EU and the USA could do would to stipulate their support would be contingent on bringing the corrupt and Russian loving Yanukovych back to Kiev and into his vacated office until a snap election is held. This is the democratic way. Immediately offering support to an undemocratically elected government isn't.