25/04/2014 13:23 BST | Updated 25/06/2014 06:59 BST

Why Liverpool Winning the Title Would Be Good for English Football

It's shaping up to be a monumental season on Merseyside this year and Roberto Martinez's Everton are competing to finish fourth in a bid to capture that all-elusive Champions League spot.

It's the Red side of Liverpool, however, that has rolled back the years with some unexpected dominant displays. With just three games remaining, Brendan Rodgers's Liverpool have one hand on the club's first league title in over twenty years after leaping five points clear at the top.

This means that two decades of disappointment and dismay for The Kop are close to becoming a thing of the past.

A Blessing for the Premier League

Whilst the faithful cohorts of other clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea may disagree, this could be a blessing for English football.

The Premier League has been looking for a shake-up and Liverpool winning the league may provide just that.

For years now, it's been relatively easy to predict who would be in with a shout of winning the league at the start of the season and Brendan Rodgers's side were not considered by many to be a part of that group, but as a 'top-four club' at best.

That being said, it now seems that the historic football club are roaring back to the top of English football.

It's a refreshing sight to see and as a nation we love to see an unlikely hero rising above the big guns. It becomes even more of a triumph when a number of our home-grown players are involved in the success.

Exciting Club to Watch

Rodgers is a young and exciting manager who has made Liverpool FC his own. He has breathed new life and passion into a club whose history tells famous tales of such characteristics, but which has struggled to express them of late.

His 'Tiki-Taka' passing game is reminiscent of Barcelona's playing style, which injects a touch of La Liga-esque flair into every game that the Reds are involved in.

Liverpool now possess so much devastating talent throughout the entire squad that they have become a formidable team to play against and are a threat to any side they face, home or away.

The attacking power of Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard have certainly aided Rodgers in his team's success, but it takes a special manager to bring the best out of these players and a keen eye to surrounded them with the complimentary players who can adjust to his playing style.

The Premier League and the English game as a whole need teams like the one Rodgers has put together. Exhilarating to watch and passionate about the way they play football.

This has made the season nothing short of magical for neutrals, who are now treated to proper top-of-the-table clashes rather than disappointing weekends of football.

Rodgers's Liverpool side have revitalised a league which had begun to become somewhat predictable and turned it on its head.

English Players Coming to the Fore

Brendan Rodgers has also developed a team built around English talent like Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and John Flanagan.

The development of young English players has very much been a part of Rodgers's philosophy since taking control of the club in 2012.

This alone can only mean good things for English football and Rodgers is a shining light during a time in which foreign players are saturating the Premier League, taking first team chances away from our English talent.

If Rodgers is able to win the league with these young, exciting and English players, it may encourage other clubs to utilise whatever talent from our own shores that they are lucky enough to possess.

World Cup Year

With the World Cup just around the corner, it's perfect timing that Rodgers has built a team full of English talent who have set the Premier League alight.

19-year-old Raheem Sterling in particular looks brimming with confidence and is sure to head into the summer tournament looking to make an impact after some breathtaking performances for Liverpool's first team.

Steven Gerrard, who will more than likely play his last World Cup this summer, will head to Brazil high on confidence if the team he has cherished win the title he has chased for all his life and that is something that England will need if we are to have any kind of success.


It may be unfair to have called Liverpool the underdogs at the start of the season as they do possess an extremely strong side, but they were certainly not considered to be titling winning material and have been underestimated.

Rodgers has taken a struggling group of players and transformed them into contenders and possible champions which, it could be argued, has accounted for a more competitive season of English football as a whole.

The 'big' teams like Manchester City and United have not run away with it and we English football fans have been granted a welcome change of scenery.

If Liverpool go on to win the league it will be fair to assume that the seasons following this one will be even more exciting.

Teams may be looking to replicate Rodgers's philosophies and playing style, spend big to bring in better players or develop their own talent in order to match this brilliant Liverpool side.

Whatever happens, Liverpool's unexpected triumphant season has improved the competitiveness of the Premier League. Rodgers has brought flair and passion back into a waning league which looks like it could last for years to come.

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