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So this tour for me is about learning, and I hope to do this through laughter and a podcast. We shall see...

I think I can't stop travelling because I feel like I will be missing out on something. Like the missing part of my soul. Jooookes, guy. I am up beat and ALWAYS happy. I am a Comedian after all. I am NOT the sad clown stereotype. Mom, why don't you EVER call me?!?! I think a steady stream of weed smoke has kept me out of jail for the most part. That and a sizeable vibrator which was gifted to me three birthdays ago. Thanks, London. I moved to England over 5 years ago with a few thousand quid in my pocket and a dream in my heart. Ha! Basically after 10 years of touring from Red Deer to Moose Jaw behind an avalanche in the freezing Canadian tundra, I realized I was basically living out the movie Ground Hog Day. The weeks and years were starting to blur.

So I moved to England. My Mom and Grandmother's place of birth, though neither were of English origins. The scene was bigger and the country was smaller, which meant less fights on 12 hour car journeys with tired lonely men often as old as my father. I started at age 18, so everyone was old to me.

I am now a 34 year old jobbing Comedian, currently in a "coffee shop" in Holland. So basically I am baked out of my tree, drinking a delicious sparkling iced tea. Even though I promised to stop drinking sugar 10 minutes ago. I AM A LIAR! Sitting here blogging and trying to blend in with all the sensible Europeans, who think I am American and automatically hate me. Sorry that is paranoia. This smoke is quality.

This is the start of a world tour that kicks off in Western Europe, through the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, Asia back to the UK and into Scandinavia. All before Christmas. So I basically decided to podcast the experience and chat to the Comedians that I meet literally from all over the planet discussing everything from local politics, to current events and hot topics.

Since moving to the UK, I have performed in over 34 countries all around the world. It wasn't until then that I could truly see how ignorant I was. I had no idea that Burger King was the international phenomenon that it is . But truly, this world is a fire hydrant, America is the dog, McDonald's and Rhianna are the urine. Eh? That is how I end every sentence to avoid abuse/hatred for Americans abroad.

In all seriousness though it has been a humbling and enlightening privilege to travel and experience all of this culture. It's easy as a westerner to accept your culture as the standard or norm, especially when it has captivated a global audience, which often seeks to conform to these customs for financial gain. Basically I am lucky because everybody will speak English to me almost everywhere on the planet, and I can always find a burger or a pizza.

I however am more interested in what we have forgotten and have started to ask myself questions like, "Why doesn't the chicken cross the road?" Answer: "Because of the agricultural industrial complex". Just saying. I love animals and I love seeing free animals; chickens, monkeys, cats, dogs, bears, coyotes, foxes. When they're free, I feel free. Not to mention how delicious they are. Three minutes later I am missing paved roads and traffic lights. Dangerous! Remember when "sunglasses at night was cool?" after 30 you're like, "That's dangerous". I can barely read the type on this tiny screen why would I restrict my sight even more?

So this tour for me is about learning, and I hope to do this through laughter and a podcast. We shall see. The beautiful thing about having Comedians as guests is that they come from all walks of life, and are intrinsically fucked up. From lawyers to homeless guys to house wives, it's a rare privilege to hear such a hilarious variety of voices from all around the planet, and sometimes get a bit a scrappy. Because it's just not earth if we don't have clashing opinions.

New episodes of Comedians of the World podcast are released every Wednesday from all around the world with me Dana Alexander. Be sure to tune in on Sound Cloud or I tunes.

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