Juices and Smoothies for Younger Skin

As well as taking time to exercise, massage and relax our faces, we must also take care with what we eat. Eating the right foods can help to nourish the skin from the inside out.

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is a complete, holistic approach to anti-ageing. As well as taking time to exercise, massage and relax our faces, we must also take care with what we eat. Eating the right foods can help to nourish the skin from the inside out.

I am going to share with you my three top nutrition tips for younger, healthier skin. As I share each tip I will also show you how to make an anti-ageing juice or smoothie using a juicer and a blender. These take just minutes to prepare and are great as a snack or can even be used as healthy breakfast ideas. I have not included exact quantities as I am a great believer that quantity of ingredients for juices and smoothies should be varied according to taste, number of people served or simply what you have in your fridge and store cupboard. The recipes are not designed to be meal replacements but rather an additional health boost based on fresh, natural ingredients. In order to eat a healthy, balanced diet it is important to vary your food each day to get a full range of nutrients. Use these recipes as suggestions and inspirations. These smoothies and juices do not take in to consideration any personal food intolerances, preferences or allergies so please consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before embarking on any new way of eating.

Hope you enjoy making and tasting these delicious and nutritious recipes.

Tip 1: Eat Antioxidants

This Super Green Antioxidant Juice is high in antioxidants which can help reduce free radical damage caused by pollution, stress, sun and poor food choices. The result is firmer, clearer and more youthful skin. The juice contains spinach which is known to help keep the eyes healthy and the brain young. It is also full of the super food, kale which is the secret of many celebrities and is packed full of carotenoids. Eating carotenoids like the ones found in kale helps with a healthy skin colour. The added fruit in this recipe not only adds some great taste but the vitamin C in these fruits helps the face to manufacture collagen for firmer skin.

Super Green Antioxidant Juice Recipe






Tip 2: Cleanse the Internal Organs

This Cleansing Juice helps the skin glow from the inside out by detoxifying, cleansing and nourishing the internal organs. It contains carrot which is high in Vitamin A and antioxidants which protect the skin from sun damage preventing premature wrinkling and uneven skin tone. The Vitamin A also assists the liver in flushing out toxins from the body. It reduces the bile and fat in the liver and cleanses the colon. The ginger in the juice is full of anti-inflammatory fighting substances nourish the stomach to aid digestion. Ginger contains chromium, magnesium and zinc which can help to improve blood flow inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries. Drink at any time in the day but particularly helpful in the evening.

Cleansing Juice




Tip 3: Eat Protein

This Protein Smoothie works well after your 10 Minute Face Yoga Workout. Protein helps to heal and repair, and gives us stamina and energy. The almond milk is high in protein which can improve the condition of our skin, hair and nails and along with regular face exercise, can help the face appear toned and firm. The organic bio live natural yogurt in the smoothie is not only high in protein but also helps with digestive health. A blocked digestive system can clog our skin so it is essential to keep it healthy. Add a scoop of protein powder to the smoothie for an extra protein boost. It is important to understand that if we were to stop eating protein, our body and face would start to breakdown muscle for protein, leading to weakened and less defined muscles in the body and face. The berries in the recipe not only add some great flavour to this smoothie but are also full of ingredients which can help fight wrinkles.

Protein Smoothie

Almond Milk

Rice Milk

Organic Bio Live Yogurt




Protein Powder

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