13/02/2014 08:01 GMT | Updated 15/04/2014 06:59 BST

If Cleopatra and Elvis Had Twitter, This Is What They Would Post

Following a recent social media debate held for young people at ITV studios on Southbank, social media stereotypes have been playing on my mind.

Following a recent social media debate held for young people at ITV studios on Southbank, social media stereotypes have been playing on my mind.

The debate, chaired by ITV newsreader, Charlene White, saw a panel of eight household names, all with varying social media experiences, including singer Delilah and director of SBTV's Liam Tootill, try and answer the question:

'Does social media give a voice to young people? Or does it just provoke vanity, violence and vulgarity?'

Joined by over eighty young people, heads of media broadcasters and audience members like BAFTA Rising Star winner Adam Deacon, the comments and issues raised by the debate were on the whole, refreshingly positive.

Everyone seemed to agree with the point that social media platforms are neither good nor evil. Social media provides the tools which individuals can use for their own purposes. Users have the power to make of social media what they will, but users normally fall into specific stereotypes.

So in keeping with this idea, I started scenario-ing about iconic figures of the past and wondering what social media stereotype they would have fallen into.

1. Martin Luther King - The Protestor

Orchestrating demonstrations across the globe. Always retweeting something empowering.


2. Henry VIII - The Rich Kid on Instagram

Online documentation of oysters, champagne and gem stones, in abundance.


3. William Shakespeare - The Over-Sharer

He's gone from 'In a relationship' to 'Single' to 'It's complicated' all in one day.


4. Cleopatra - The Make Up Artist

Posting video tutorials on how to achieve that smoky eye look.


5. Julius Caesar - The Bragger

New job, new house, new girlfriend. Blah, blah, blah, de-friend.


6. Jay Gatsby - The Promoter

An event is happening. He'll notify you about it 12 times a day.


7. Elvis - The Foodie

Burgers, cocktails, cupcakes. You see it, you want to eat it.


8. Marilyn Monroe - Queen of the Selfie

Mirror shots on set, the hair and make-up process, maybe even an instababe underwear snap. Whatever the picture is, she'll be in.


9. Andy Warhol - The Hipster

Never in front of the camera, always behind. Making sure all pictures look as un-staged as possible.


10. Ghandi - The Quote Post-er

'Where there is love, there is life'. You'll publicly mock them and privately screenshot them.


11. Columbus - The Traveler

He'll post the picture you see at 9am whilst you're waiting for the bus to work. It's guaranteed to be raining where you are.


12. Henry Armstrong - The Motivator

Hastagging #eatclean #traindirty. The Craig David of his time.


13. Jesus - The Man with the Most Followers