22/09/2014 07:49 BST | Updated 20/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Don't Judge, Mental Health Professionals Are Emphatic

The many ideas of how to do your job right takes a hole new level when it comes to mental health.

It has been easy to judge mental health nurses, doctors, phycologists or carers.

Politicians have time after time complained and jibed at the actions of this complex profession.

Mr Miliband or Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron have at one point criticised the judgement of these hardworking NHS Staff members who go through the daily routine of getting lives not just on the right track but at critical points saving them.

It's hard, difficult and sometimes soul destroying but the idea that these people simply are doing their job incorrect or don't care is laughable.

I have had the honour of talking to many mental health professionals who have cried at the thought of a lose within their mental health ward or there area.

It's heartbreaking and nothing less for these hardworking and emphatic human beings.

The fact is these NHS Staff are human beings and not just hardworking human beings but are extremely full of heart for the people they are treating across their area, county or country.

They feel what many don't feel in a lifetime, just by going to a daily routine of work.

The progress we have had in mental health is great but is it anyone's right to judge or condemn people who are simply doing a very hard job.

So turning to our health ministers, that include Mr Hunt and Mr Lamb, these people who are making real change and although you eloquently speak of change, you will never deliver at the speed these emphatic people do.

Our NHS need to help and support and also look to these people with admiration instead of condemning them for the great work they do in helping people get back there lives.