03/12/2014 04:39 GMT | Updated 01/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Political Attitudes Towards Mental Health: Damaging Or Changing.

Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of working in politics, many people I have met and told about my struggle with mental illness within the political bubble have been understanding and compassionate, but others not so friendly towards the a young adult with mental health problems working in or around Westminster.

I could no doubt have some value in the naming and shaming but the fact is that wouldn't get rid of the stigma and the way forward is to educate more people within politics about the importance of good mental health.

So is Westminster out of touch with the issue of mental health, well the government has promised equality in our NHS but still not delivering it but saying that Norman Lamb MP has been routing for mental health for years and such a high figure talking about it has made minds change.

It's not just the liberals who are supporting in though, when talking to Stuart Andrew MP he said this "One of the most encouraging political events this year has been the greater openness and discussion of mental health issues. For too long it has been a Tabou subject leaving many sufferers feeling unable to talk about their issues. The fact that mental health has been debated so encouragingly in parliament I hope will be the start of others all recognising mental health is an issue that affects everybody some more than others and it needs the investment that we're beginning to deliver" a passionate and caring approach from Stuart and the same response was given my Nigel Evans MP when I asked him he said "mental health conditions are the cinderella of health disorders. many people don't like talking about it as if mental health problems somehow have a stigma different to a broken leg or hip- but it is exactly the same and more debilitating if anything- so getting it out in the open is the first tool by which the healing and treatment can begin so I am proud to see that advances are being made and that bit by bit the stigma is being peeled away- true advances and 2015 will give us the opportunity to make some real headway on mental health issues"

This shows not all MPs are out of touch with the issue but for change to happen we need Mr Hunt to feel the same way.

It's not just Hunt that's guilty of this, Andy Burnham the shadow health secretary had not seemed to remember this issue when he gave his address at conference 2014 Labour, all politicians have the opportunity to address this issue and in 2015 many would hope it is addressed.

So after five years of a coalition has mental health been given equality well not really would be the answer I would get before Linton Crosby interferes but can we get it, well to all the sufferers out there and all the hardworking mental health staff in our NHS I hope so.