29/09/2017 10:03 BST | Updated 29/09/2017 10:03 BST

Royal Ramblings Goes A Second Round With Angelina Love!

Angelina Love is one of the most talented women in the wrestling business. Both as part of the Beautiful People and as a solo star, she has demonstrated time and again her in-ring prowess and drawing power...

Angelina Love is one of the most talented women in the wrestling business. Both as part of the Beautiful People and as a solo star, she has demonstrated time and again her in-ring prowess and drawing power. In the first part of our exclusive interview, we learned about her future plans, her thoughts on family and about the retiring Gail Kim. In this second part we hear about the future for the Beautiful People, get insight into her finishing moves and hear a bit about her reaction to GLOW. Read on!

The Beautiful People was such a dynasty in Impact. Is it really over? Will we see more in the future?

I don't think so. Not our version. Velvet has retired from action. She'll still do appearances and such but she doesn't want to wrestle anymore. I wish that we hadn't have gotten broken up as many times as we did. The last time we tried to put it together, four days prior to those tapings, I found out I was pregnant and had to get written off right away. It would have been cool to do that version of the Beautiful People but clearly, God had other plans for me - which is wonderful because I love my son to the moon and back. Velvet and I - it's something nobody can ever take away from us - what we did with that. It blew up and it was so fun. A lot of people were trying to do the same thing. We were put into tag-team of the year polls in magazines with Beer money and tag teams in WWE. It was cool to be thought of on that level with the guys because you hadn't really seen that with women before but we had a blast. I don't think it will happen again with all of us. Madison isn't in GFW anymore, so I'm the only one that's there. We do appearances, I think we're doing one at a convention together. Being able to do stuff like that is really fun.

With 'Break a B***h', Lights Out and Botox Injection, you have three great finishing moves. Did you have a favourite and how did you choose which one to use when?

Well, the Lights Out I was using in Deep South. I wasn't jumping with it but I thought it was kind of anticlimactic and that I needed to do something else, so I started jumping with it. I used it and then actually did the Botox injection just as part of my feet one day. I thought I needed to do a cool kick and Terry Taylor was like "that was awesome! That's got to be your finisher. That has to be! Oh My God!" and I don't know if I did it again one more time but he and everyone else said, "that has to be your finisher!" That kick is brutal, you kill people (I don't really) with it. I'm small and I needed something that I could do to Kong but could also do to Taylor Wilde - to two very different people. A bicycle or some kind of a kick is a way to take down anybody, so that became a very good thing. Break-a-b***h I didn't use too often. I think it was hard for some people to take? I also just started doing that in my feet, I just needed something new to do. I went to the back and they were saying "that has to be your new finisher" and I was like "no! I don't need more finishers! I need things to do in the matches, finishers I'm good for!" but I should probably pop that back out at some point, I haven't done that in a while but Botox, the kick, for sure is my favourite.

Your favourite opponent when you wrestled in Impact was...

Oooh, I'm terrible at the favourites game. I never have one favourite anything. The things is, everybody brought out something special. I would say that I liked working against Velvet the least because it just felt like sacrilege, that we should not be doing this ever. Not that we didn't have fun with it but just with how big our Beautiful People thing was, I just don't think we should have done it. And it hurt us personally too, we didn't like it. Madison was fun to feud with, I was married to her on the road for a while. Taylor Wilde. Kong - love her, just to itty bitty pieces. Micky was fun, Victoria, everybody brought something different. Gail, I was always thinking outside the box with her. So, I can't pick one favourite but I have reasons for favourites in all of those.

Have you seen Kong in GLOW (as welfare)?

I didn't know until I saw it was released! I said, "I didn't know she was doing that!". We texted back and forth a few times but she was really busy. I think it's wonderful for her!

Can you recall having had any crazy fan experiences?

Well, a kind of alarming fan experience. I think it was in Iowa or North Dakota - some place we had only been to one time. Madison and I were on the road together and we always did intermission. I think she was heel and I was probably babyface as I was signing at intermission. They were serving alcohol at the show and there were some extremely over-zealous fans towards me, males that had to get escorted out of the building by security and I had to get taken to the back. Our house show agent, I think, was Pat Kenney at the time and he was like, "you have to pack your bags and we need to go". "You need to let me know that you're out of here safely". I think Shannon Moore was parked behind us in the parking lot and had to hop into his car and move it. They had security from the building rush me and Madison out to our car and we left and they were like, "let us know everything's OK". That was pretty crazy. So, don't sell booze at shows!

Finally, do you have a good rib story?

Well, Tommy Dreamer does lots of really disgusting things. But he cannot handle belly buttons or women squatting. Bubba Ray Dudley also has a massively, gigantic fear of women squatting. So, we would always as a group at TV, run up to Bubba when he wasn't facing us. We'd all shout his name and he'd turn around and we'd squat in front of him and he'd say, "you're pigs, you're all disgusting!", "get out of here!" He would just lose his mind. And Tommy, who drank like the Undertakers tooth spit and brushed his dog's teeth and then his own, if we'd squat in front of him he'd run off screaming like a little girl for some reason.

Scary, crazy, fun, Angelina certainly has got an interesting and varied life. Make sure you keep up to date with her on social media and make sure you look out for her return to these shores in October!