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Royal Ramblings Meets What Culture Wrestling

What Culture Wrestling continues to go from strength to strength. Any wrestling fan searching for a wrestling video online will have stumbled across their incredible work. Videos wracking up many hundreds of thousands of views are becoming the daily watch for any fan of wrestling. It was only a matter of time before we sat down with them to discuss their latest project: What Culture Pro Wrestling. To mark its debut we chatted to Adam Pacitti "the pro wrestling guy" for What Culture to learn more.

What is WCPW?

What Culture Wrestling is a promotion we have been working on for about half a year. It is going to bring together the greatest in independent talent to form what we think is a really fantastic roster. We are really, really excited about it. Our first show is on June 15th which is a bit scary! But it is all coming together. You can watch it free on youtube - and its going to be good! It won't be live at the moment but are looking, as we grow, to certainly start streaming live!

Can fans still get tickets for the show? We know that you have already added an extra show!

We were originally just doing a Thursday - the 16th - and the tickets sold out so quickly and there was such great interest we thought we have got a taping the previous day, we should make it a live event as well. So you can still just about get tickets - to the Wednesday 15th event but the 16th has sold out! If you want to get tickets you can visit

Who is headlining the show and who should our readers look out for?

We have got some really big names and although we have not announced all the names (at the time of our conversation - RR) we will be doing that over the next few days! But on the Thursday show we have Jay Lethal v Noam Dar for the ring of Honor Heavyweight Championship -which is pretty exciting. We will also be crowing a new and first ever WCPW Heavyweight Champion. We have Rampage Brown, we have El Ligero and Joe Coffey and as I said more to come!

Is the UK scene the strongest it's ever been? Is the market a bit saturated - does it have room for you guys?

We are based in the UK at the moment but we are not about British wrestling. We are just about the best of independent wrestling. A lot of the guys that we have got, or the majority are certainly big on the British independent scene but over the coming months we have also got names who have not necessarily competed on the British scene before. I think it's a really really strong scene at the moment. PCW are doing fantastically well, you have ICW who are just knocking it out of the park at the moment. I don't think it is saturated. I just think it is really strong and really great at the moment. The more places there are for guys to work the better and hopefully we can offer somewhere new to work whilst offering a new product. This will be all about emotional investment, great story lines, incredible wrestling and most importantly fun.

Is this the first of many shows?

We are going to be a weekly show on you tube. That does not mean we will be holding events every week but we will be taping for a weekly show.

In your view, who is the best British wrestler at the moment?

I don't want to necessary say someone who is on the roster! The guy that I want to say, I can't say, because we have signed him!! Of the guys we have signed at the moment, I love Noam obviously. The guy that is not signed but I can say is Dave Mastiff.

Do you think we will see a Wrestlemania in the UK?

I would love to but I honestly don't see it happening. I can see us getting another summerslam but just the time difference and the pull of the US audience, I just don't think we are there. Maybe, I don't know, in twenty years, but its going to take a great shift. And you know, one thing that the WWE are really good at is looking at the progression of their company and in a digital way, especially with the WWE network, and this could obviously facilitate a big UK PPV but I just don't think we are quite there yet. But I would love to .. Obviously!

What is your favourite What Culture Wrestling Video so far?

The one of me hitting the other Adam in the face with a brief case! I really enjoyed that. When I did it, I went for the pin fall afterwards and accidently elbowed him in the balls on the way down and I really hurt it him! So that was nice!!

And if our conversation with Adam wasn't enough to excite you, here is WWE Global Cruiserweight Classic contestant Noam Dar on wrestling for What Culture:

"Obviously I'm excited to be working with What Culture in any capacity, they have a large captive audience and the exposure to British wrestling will only reap rewards for both the scene and What Culture Pro Wrestling itself. I'm extremely happy to be headlining against Jay Lethal for the ROH world title, a familiar foe of mine who im eager to get back in the ring with. I hope WCPW becomes a mainstay on the British scene and I'm personally looking forward to being involved from day one onwards"

Cant say fairer than that! Make sure to check out WhatCulture's show live or on youtube!