16/06/2014 11:49 BST | Updated 13/08/2014 06:59 BST

Why Should You Merge Workout With Wellness

Globally, 65% of the population is overweight or obese.

In the United Kingdom, among the citizens, aged 16 or over, this is 64%, which means, that almost the two-third of the people are overweight and have a Body Mass Index (it is a measure of body fat) of over 25%.

Whilst being overweight may not necessarily cause you discomfort, it may risk your health and well-being.

Sadly, about 80% of the dieters, fail in their weight loss and workout goals, because they're losing their motivation against the lure of their 'good-old' habits which are simple and comfy; where they don't have to 'struggle' in workout-sessions and eating tasteless and boring, yet healthy food; whilst also stressing out because of some unkind comments regarding their diet or goals.

Let's see what to do, to beat this stress that you may of have faced already to keep up the motivation and spiritual confidence about yourself and your goals; how to make sure, that you will want to go on each day, week by week, to feel most energized, strong-willed, relaxed and positive.

Pick your desired diet and workout program, that you would like to follow. The first thing is to let your doctor or dietitian know about this program, so he/she will tell you what to pay extra attention to and even help you to complete your program and check up on your current health and endurance rates.

The best way to start the program is to do cleansing days, to clear your liver and kidneys before the main program, making them work most effectively, cleaned from all the toxins they might have had. If you do this, you already have a huge step towards fulfilling your goal.

You may want to consult about the cleansing with your dietitian as well.

As you start to follow up the diet and workout session, it is best to stick to the plan, yet in any case, you start to feel discomfort during the workout or diet, hop on to the world wide web and search alternatives for the same program, so it won't cause problems, nor will you get bored of the program itself. Both diet and workout is needed for maximum success. One without the other is like an engine without fuel.

A diet is always balanced, promotes and boosts your health and weight loss goals - and is never against it. Of course, this same pattern stands for the workout sessions too. When you're working out, no matter which type of program you chose to follow, you will not only feel tiredness and the difficulty of a certain session, but you will think about how good the workout is. After all, it will help you to get rid of your overweight therefore restoring your body; its optimal shape and good health. After a good training, you will be tired and re-energized at the same time, your endorphins (happy-hormones) will be released and this will help you to take the tiredness easier.

Make sure you warm up before the workout and stretch out afterwards. Both are necessary to avoid your muscles getting hurt.

After a busy day and good session of workout, you are in need of some calmness, something to restore your energy levels both physically and spiritually. This is what meditation can give you. This is when you let your mind attain a sense of calm, to quiet down, to stop it from the buzzing it normally does.

Meditating is easier than you would think at first and it only takes minutes to reach this state of mind. With more practice, you will be able to meditate in just one minute. Sounds good? I think so.

When your meditation is over, you might want to take a hot bath or go to the local park to relax a little bit. It will give you a huge positive boost both spiritually and physically.


See? You're already doing a great effort to keep yourself motivated and by now, I'm sure you have many ideas that are popping into your mind. Which is excellent!

The more you give to your body and spirit, the more they will help you reach your goals.

The best thing for the extra boost: Rewards!

Now, rewarding yourself is awesome. The best way to keep yourself motivated week by week and month by month, is to give yourself a small or bigger reward, to avoid the lure of a cake, the old, lazy and bad habits, or to basically give up on your weight loss goal.

A reward can be anything: Books, concert tickets or even new gadgets or a vacation.

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Keeping yourself to your goals is easy as can be. Just use your imagination.