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Britain's Got Talent 2013 Show Five Review

Our very own Thunderbird, Simon Tracy, (aka Cowell), gave us his very own outstanding performance, auditioning for the opening sequence.....Five, Four, know the rest. No buzzers in earshot.

Let's have a refresher of all the great talent we have seen to date. Who are your favourites? Performance credits must go to Simon, David, Alesha, Amanda and the whole production team? This year they have brought laughter and tears to my eyes. This has got to be one of the best mix of judging panels out there. Perhaps room for a small extra one on the end? Me?

Anyway, more importantly, 2013 talent. Attraction, (shadow dancers) and Alex Kierl (singer) are my stand outs so far.

Onto week 5 and young lads, best friends Jack & Cormac, had all the ladies giving their, 'oh aren't they cute' faces before giving us a tremendous performance. Good singers, great guitarist, nice lads. Good luck boys

This time last week we had a load of balls, this week an act had their bongos out (leave it). Then sadly Geordie, Eddie Shand, a operations manager from Royal Mail didn't deliver, so it was over to impressionist Philip Green to save part two...

A naturally funny guy, but I agree with Simon, the impressions were hit and miss. I prefer Francine Lewis from the early auditions. Sorry just my opinion!

The problem for the majority of the acts in part three was 'my Simon' was in a foul mood and boy he didn't hold back. Even I was hiding behind my sofa. Is it safe to come out yet? The daleks have nothing on you Mr Cowell.

Feisty Kelly Fox came out to face Simon and sang a song called, um what was it called Mrs M, "kiss my ass". Well, there is no need to be like that, I only asked. Oh, it's the name of the song. Whoops.

Kelly was fun, and I agree with the audience and judges, I really liked it. She even made Simon smile. No extermination there then. Phew.

We haven't seen many dance troupes this year, I wonder where they are? Oh hold on...

Pre Skool won the cutesy award of the night, they weren't bad little dancers either. I don't usually like this kind of thing, but I loved them. Great choreography fun. My act of the night so far.

Glambassadors were good but we didn't see much of them, so I found it hard to really judge them. Youth Creation followed and they took over the stage and got four huge yes's.

Singer Rosie O'Sullivan finished the show with a powerhouse vocal. Given the chance, this girl will shift tonnes of albums. What a voice. Alex Kierl now has some serious competition.

Right, I'm off so you can all kiss my xxxx. Just joking, see you next week