21/03/2012 18:06 GMT | Updated 22/03/2012 15:35 GMT

The Voice Versus Britain's Got Talent

The big battle is nearly upon us! On Saturday 24 March 2012, we will see the biggest clash of toe-to-toe reality TV shows ever - the BBC's The Voice and ITV's Britain's Got Talent go head to head and the power is in your hands...

So, as the two shows get ready to dust off their boxing gloves, let's analyse the facts to see where each will potentially win or lose.

Well firstly, Britain's Got Talent clearly win in the advertising and promotional VT corner. Who hasn't seen the judges get their calling from the greatest lady in the land? Even Simon Cowell has polished his shoes. No, Your Majesty, "we won't let you down."

It is perhaps quite poignant that the 'King of Reality TV', Simon Cowell should address the Queen. His return puts this show streets ahead already. Love him or hate him, the man is a genius and his shows and music have dominated our screens and the radio for many years.

This years judging panel on Britain's Got Talent promises to be fun. I am looking forward to seeing David Walliams in action and the banter between him and Simon will surely raise a few eyebrows. We all love Amanda Holden, she's gorgeous, funny sexy and cries at the right time. Keep it up girl. It will be interesting to see how Alesha Dixon fits in. She's proved herself on Strictly so I hope the public warm to her straight away.

My sources advise me that this year is the best for talent on the show and if the judges gel, which I believe they will, then I think Britain's Got Talent will keep their loyal fans, and add a few more to the bargain. It will also be key to have a few suprises thown in each week to keep the excitement up each week. Failing this, then people may opt for The Voice as they will know exactly what to expect with Britain's Got Talent.

So now over to the new young upstart... The Voice.

Another singing competion? Kind of, but we now have coaches, not judges. As Britain's Got Talent, they have been chosen not only for their experience in the industry, but because we might also recognise them. And we love to see celebrities out of their comfort zones.

They are a mixture of youth and experience and all capable of throwing a few punches in the business. If Jessie J,, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue gave me some advice, I would listen.

The Voice will be all about out and out singing ability, so no room for the next cheesy or annoying act. It still didn't do Jedward any harm though did it?

The format is fresh and if we get a high standard of singers, then The Voice will become the next big show that we look forward to watching and chatting about every year.

My slight concern for The Voice is that once the initial 'blind audition' is over and the contestant is seen by the coach, will it not then just turn back into an X Factor-type show? I may be biased but there is and will only ever be one X Factor.

Saying that, I am really looking forward to seeing the show and I hope it not only surprises me, I hope it knocks my socks off.

So at the end of this reality TV battle, who will come out on top?

Personally, I think the general public will be intrigued by the new format of The Voice but also drawn to the return of a certain Mr Cowell on Britain's Got Talent. Frankly that's what Sky+ was invented for (other recordable devises are available).

I really can't call the outcome. I just hope that both shows produce loads of fresh talent for me to enjoy watching and to write about... and maybe even get on to the books of my talent agency.

All I do know is that for a reality reviewer like me, the next few months will be TV heaven.

24 March can't come soon enough.