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The X Factor 2013 Live Show Two

Last weekend we went back in time to the eighties. This week it's all about the love and heartache.

Last weekend we went back in time to the eighties. This week it's all about the love and heartache.

Sadly we said farewell to Lorna Simpson. It's tough going out in the first week, but I hope she can have success from the experience.

Now, let the battle commence...

First up was one of my personal favourites Sam Bailey. Last week was outstanding and this week her performance just got better, world class doesn't even cover it. If I worked in the West End I would sign Sam up now. Nicole I have no idea what you were listening too!

Following Sam is not ideal, but Kingsland Road did an OK job of "Marry You." I do like their vibe and energy but my concern is where will they fit, in an already saturated boy band market

Nicholas McDonald came out fighting and gave a knockout performance. Awesome vocal ability but who were the walking dead on the stage? Too cheesy guys. I thought Halloween was in a few weeks.

I didn't warm to Abi Alton's performance last week and this week she seemed out of her comfort zone. She looked uncomfortable, not really owning the stage. Perhaps better sticking to her comfort zone and she may last a few more weeks.

Watching the adverts during this week, made me realise one thing...I better get my sofa ordered in time for Christmas delivery!

Anyway, back to the show.

Being in the bottom two last week, must have been devastating for Shelley Smith and Gary's & Nicole's comments after this weeks set would not have helped. Great in her own style but not right for the show.

Miss Dynamix were given a bye after SeSe fell ill. Get well soon x

My mate Sam Callahan was brilliant tonight. Fantastic vocal. Yes, I'm biased, but biased or not, that was bloody awesome. Well done bro.

Aside from my mate Sam, I love Tamera. I have since her first audition and like Sam Bailey, she just keeps getting better and better and better. A class act. See you next week Ms Foster.

Mummy's boy Luke Friend sat on a boat during his performance (I'm not making this up). Saying that, he is different, likeable different and water-great song choice (sorry)

I loved Rough Copy last week, they were on the money but this week, parts of the vocal were off and I did not agree with most of the judges comments.

Hannah closed the show tonight and belted out a strong vocal. Should be enough to see her through. My wife hopes so, she has her in the work sweepstake!

The act bottom of the Saturday flash vote and automatically in Sunday's bottom two was ...Kingsland Road

They were joined in Sunday sing off by Shelley Smith.

The second act to leave The X Factor 2013, was Shelley Smith