25/11/2013 08:43 GMT | Updated 24/01/2014 05:59 GMT

The X Factor 2013 Live Show Seven

It may not be 50 yet but, 10 years on and the X Factor is still going strong. This weekend it's a celebration of everything X Factor past and present, from the acts to the judges to the smiles and the tears. Thank you for making Saturday nights worth staying in for!

After my mate Sam Callahan's sad departure last week, we are now left with six to fight for the crown.

Nicholas McDonald gave another sound performance. It wasn't perfect by any means but he is still head and shoulders above most of the remaining contestants. For me however, he still needs to give us a bit more stage presence.

After bouncing back last week, Hannah Barrett gave an emotional and powerful version of 'Hallelujah' I did agree, it was her best showing of the series, let's hope the audience at home agreed.

The 10 year montage of the X Factor judges made me realise one thing, well two actually...come back Simon Cowell all is forgiven (not that he would ever do anything wrong) and Sharon Osbourne walking into the door is still one of the funniest clips on telly.

After being in the bottom two last week, Luke Friend took on a One Direction song and made it his own. Yes thats just about possible. He has has a good tone to his vocal and that stands him apart from the rest.

Last group standing Rough Copy need to stay in, there energy and vibe is a joy to watch, I love these lads, keep voting for them. I want to see them in the Final

In this industry mistakes happen, but you must quickly learn from them and sadly Tamera for the second week in a row, forgot her words. If you read my reviews, you know I am impressed by Tamera, but as a talent manager and if any of my acts did this, I would find it hard to accept.

Star of the whole show and again star of tonight, Sam Bailey smashed it again and seriously, if Sam doesn't win this, I will be gobsmacked. The one to beat by a country mile.

The bottom two were Hannah & Rough Copy.

The Seventh act to leave was Hannah Barrett