31/08/2013 21:00 BST | Updated 31/08/2013 21:00 BST

The X Factor 2013 Show One

After months of waiting for series 10 of the X Factor, months of constantly checking my countdown app, (I'm not joking) the best entertainment show on TV is back, and with it we welcome back the Queen of opinions, our favourite controversial judge, always good for the unexpected, Mrs Sharon Osbourne.

After a motivating montage of some of the huge stars this show, has helped to put in the public eye (ahem act One Direction) Kermit O'Leary, I mean Dermot said, it's time to face the music. 

Let the 2013 X Factor roller coaster ride begin...

So with no pressure whatsoever, out first auditionee was Luke Friend. He got us off to a good start, steady vocal, good look and he made a great first impression. Now go and wash that scraggy hair. Oh, I sound like his mother!

A few other steady male singers got through, nothing memorable. 

J Star Valentine had the look, the confidence, but not the vvvvoooiiiiicccceeeee. Next.

Loads of people say the X Factor needs some rock credibility, so come on Phil (with an F) Henley, show us what you got. 

Well, it was more pop than rock, but after a lecture about him needing a more rock star edge, the initial no, became a yes. 

Want to know why I am loving the return of love Mrs O, the next segment summed it up. She is funny, unpredictable, ruthlessly honest, she was so funny, I messed my pants.

When Tamera and Jerrie aka Silver Rock sang together they were impressive, but when they sang separately Tamera stood out for me by a country mile. She has huge potential. The first act on my Midas shortlist. One to watch. 

Next up was part time Gregg's worker Hannah Barrett, I wanted her to be good and she didn't let me down. Lovely voice with a real genuine passion for singing. I would be shocked if she didn't make Judges Houses. 

We haven't seen many groups tonight...oh hold on, here's Euphoria Girls. Well, if you like your pop music sugary sweet, these girls are for you, sadly for them, I agree with Gary. Not for me.

Grumpy Gary then returned full of vitality and I loved it, welcome back Mr Barlow, tell those acts how it is. 

I am a happy, positive person, so Luke Britnell was a breath of fresh air. Loved his attitude, his smile was like a ray of sunshine beaming through the TV screen. Impressive voice as well. 

Last up tonight was Prison Officer Sam Bailey. Wow. Her rendition of Beyonce's Listen was amazing, a real goosebumps moment. This is the reason I love this show, it gives people the chance of fulfilling their dreams, people who think, their chance has gone. Another act on the Midas shortlist.

So that's it, show one is over, tomorrow (Sunday) we see how tonight's auditionees faired at their arena audition. 

Right, I'm off to reset my X Factor app, ready for the start of next year...