15/06/2016 08:01 BST | Updated 15/06/2017 06:12 BST

Terrorism Is Not OK

So here's the deal, anyone can be a terrorist.

Terrorists are not defined by skin colour, religion, status, richness, beliefs, genders. They can be anyone. They continue to kill their own whilst hiding behind deluded reasoning.

A terrorist is someone void of unity, void of humanity.

Terrorists are defined by the hatred they carry, the invisible callous ability to cause devastation, to install a fear even when we vow to stand up and not be fearful.

But we are fearful.

We're fearful of the randomness, the undefined, the unpredictability.

My daughter could of been a barmaid earning a wage in a gay bar. She could of been selling gig t-shirts in Paris. She could have been heading home on a plane after travelling, or maybe on a tube on her way to uni.

In a world that's going about their daily lives she's mostly a stranger. She doesn't have a story. She's unknown. As am I, as is my partner, my family, my friends.

Terrorism holds an irony of targeting a society when they carry no knowledge. They make us all targets without reasoning. They don't care for bystanders, their hatred is an undefined hypocrisy, their cause has no argument.

There is no crossfire as we all stand in the firing line. We are all targets.

Humanity vs humans... Callous humans that carry hatred and an invisible ability to cause devastation.

That's the harsh reality of how terrorism has evolved. It's an excuse. It's people without a cause that hide behind their own beliefs and use them as an excuse to cause devastation. A pure and unnecessary warped hatred. Anyone can become a terrorist in the blink of an eye.

And we vow not to be fearful but we are, and we should be... But we should not let that fear rule our lives.

We're fearful because it's unpredictable.

We're fearful of the illogical thought processes of these people that walk beside us. We're fearful because we're all a target.

We're fearful because we share the world with these people, because they are invisible.

But it's OK to be scared. It's OK to be fearful.

Terrorism enforces unity. It enforces a love which humanity maintains. It doesn't mute us but makes our voices collectively stronger, louder. It doesn't stop us from being free. It does not blind us but clears our vision.

It's OK to be fearful.

It's OK to keep on loving, living.

Terrorism has no place.

Terrorism is not OK.

We should all know that Love is the Better Trait to Shine.


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