14/05/2015 06:43 BST | Updated 13/05/2016 06:59 BST

I Got My Arms Out And No One Died!

For as long as I can remember, I have been reading about how clothing should be flattering. We're told to make our bodies shapely, to consider our body shape when we dress, to avoid certain patterns and of course, cover our arms! As a fat woman, my arms should be hidden. We're taught that no one wants to see my bingo wings, to keep my cellulite hidden from view - but I have never been one for sticking to the rules.

You know what... I have worn sleeveless dresses and got my fat arms out on very many occasions, and you know what - the world kept turning!!! Me wearing a dress didn't cause any big problems, no one died and my day panned out much the same. Well, except for the fact I was at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. I didn't spend the day sweating under a cardigan simply because the thought of exposing my arms to a bit of a sunshine was too much to wear!

If you are someone that is afraid of showing their arms - what do you think is going to happen? Are you honestly worried that you'll have a bad day because you choose to wear a dress that doesn't have sleeves? We're taught to fear our bodies but realistically there is nothing that you need to be afraid of.

So - Here are some times I got my arms out and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED!





If you have always covered up your arms, why not try a little bravery now that the weather is getting nicer? Just try one afternoon with a dress that has sleeves a little shorter than normal or take off your cardigan when you're on the bus. I bet you nothing happens - no one will even notice. It might feel strange at first but then anything new that we try always does. Push yourself a little further each time and before you know it you'll be dreading winter and covering up your skin again!

And you know what, if someone does notice - that is up to them! They do not have any effect on your life. Their opinions do not pay your bills and they do not matter when it comes to your day to day routine. Simply take their opinions and brush them off. Throw them away. You being comfortable, not too hot and sweating under layers of clothing is much more important.

Do you really want to spend your summer too warm and uncomfortable under cover-ups, just because a stranger might give you a sideways glance? Nonsense! You have every right to feel cool and comfortable this season, so get your arms out and enjoy every single second of it!

So there you have it - this summer, get your arms out! The world will carry on as normal, promise!