09/08/2016 11:34 BST | Updated 07/08/2017 06:12 BST

The Girl Movement

The female of the species has a bad rep when it comes to how we treat each other, but a movement where girls have secret groups online and organise meet ups is changing that perception.

Different Paths

It's not easy making friends beyond a certain age. Things move on in your twenties and suddenly your school and college friends are on different paths and lives are all moving at different paces. Good friends move abroad, have kids, partners or are working crazy hours. We work with colleagues, go to gym classes with acquaintances but who do you call when you're sitting alone on a Saturday evening?

GirlCrew has found a solution and brought a community of girls together all over the world and we love it.

A Community

In a nutshell GirlCrew is a group of like-minded girls who want to go to events, on have walks or just a drink but all their friends are busy. Ladies post what they're interested in doing and people in the area respond if they want to join them.

All those Saturday nights sitting in because your besties were snuggling up with their other halves or minding the kids are a thing of the past. It turns out loads of other girls were also in the same situation across the country and are now taking action too. So when people at work ask what your epic plans for the weekend you can actually have epic plans with the girls.

It has now gone global (well almost) and there are Facebook career pages, travel pages, and event pages all for girls.

The most surprising aspect of this cultural phenomenon (I'm obviously very cynical) is the camaraderie with other girls. There's no trolling, no bitchiness, just kind light-hearted banter. Questions are posted ranging from makeup, defrosting chicken, bikini waxing, outfit suggestions, gift ideas, relationship advice and the best plumbers in the locality. Recruitment ladies are looking over CVs for free and giving heads up on job openings. Others offering advice on how to travel safely, where to go, what to wear.

It has become a movement.

Girl Boss

How had nobody thought of this before? GirlCrew is the brain child of Irish girl Elva Carri. Elva was swiping on Tinder one evening and was thinking I'd really just like to meet up with some girls and go dancing and have a few drinks. So she changed her profile and posted just this. She had such a huge response she thought there really is something in this and so GirlCrew was born.

Girl Power

It turns out when we are nice to each other we become a force. Maybe we've just been on the defensive with each other afraid of getting hurt in the past, afraid of asking can I join your group, afraid of rejection in your twenties and beyond as if you were still in the schoolyard asking to join in a game.

Girls can be cruel and it definitely isn't easy to put yourself out there but GirlCrew makes it easy. It's free, it increases your confidence and it's fun. It's a whole network of girls who have your back anywhere in the world from Dublin to Dubai, New York to Nottingham.

Ladies coming together can only ever be a good thing. Well done Elva and co. for seeing that loneliness can make a girl bitter but once a group makes you feel safe there really is goodness in us all. Sisters before misters forever!