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10 Must Have Jeans

For the perfect denim wardrobe you really do need some great basics, a couple of luxe fashion pieces that will stand the test of time, and one or two things that will give a nod to the season so everyone knows you're a cool fashion girl and you love being up to the minute.

I often get asked how many pairs of jeans I own. I think people imagine opening my closet and seeing a wall of denim, tightly packed and stacked, waiting to crash down on them. But actually I keep it quite tight, I get rid of anything I genuinely don't wear, or haven't for 12 months. Often I'll keep something thinking it's a Summer jean, and then Summer comes and goes and I still haven't worn it. So out it goes.

On average, I have about 20 pairs at any one time and over the course of a year I probably wear 10-12 on constant rotation. And of course there are some that I do tend to hang onto just because I really love the wash or because they're a bit too tight and I think I'll suddenly have a thin day and will be able to wriggle into them again.

But for the perfect denim wardrobe you really do need some great basics, a couple of luxe fashion pieces that will stand the test of time, and one or two things that will give a nod to the season so everyone knows you're a cool fashion girl and you love being up to the minute.

Here's my hit list - in no particular order (you get some bonus options too where there are two similar but equally fabulous styles):

For a super slimming skinny black jean with a luxe polished look, you have found the answer with these two J Brand Maria styles. I literally couldn't decide between the two but was eventually tipped over the edge by the second one, the J Brand Maria in Black Coated Quartz. I live in them.

If you're vertically challenged like me you go for the IDA Mabel in Bright Vintage instead, which is a cropped version of the IDA Ivy in Bright Vintage above. I love it and wear it year-round. The Bright Vintage wash was IDA's first big hit when it launched in Spring of this year. It's that perfect blue you've been looking for, in the stretchiest and most comfortable of denims. Great for wearing with a heel or flat with a single turn up, tucked into knee high boots for those chilly days, or wear like I am doing a lot at the moment with an ankle boot.

Oh I love love love a flare! They are just so cool and fabulous and never ever go out of style. It's a perennial fashion look and one you can pull out at any time of the year. In Summer they're perfect with wedges and in Winter I love them with a big cosy coat or gilet and a printed silk blouse. A flare will always give you more height, slim and elongate the thigh and open up endless jacket and shirt options. There is literally no end to the styling possibilities with a flare. If you need inspiration for ways to wear, just google images of Rachel Zoe and you'll get the look instantly.

I have had a pair of these magical jeans for four years. They've been washed a thousand times and are still fantastic, they just get better with age and really hold their shape. Grey is a big trend this season and a skinny jean in the best way to wear grey. I love grey skinny jeans with ankle boots or knee high boots, there will always be an element of the the rock chick with a grey jean and I think they work best with boots, so this season grasp that trend with both hands!

So often I get asked for a 'smart jean', and the IDA Jeanie in French Navy is it. Wear it with a blazer for that super cool put together, nothing bothers me look. And I love that it's navy. Navy means business, but in a friendly unruffled way. The denim in this jean will really hold its shape and the colour will stay fast too.

A micro trend that has become a perennial trend (get your head around that) is distressed jeans. In short, you need a pair. For a little rock n roll wear with a lot of black - and you can do this all through the Winter if you don't mind the odd blast of cold air through the tiny holes (which have helpfully been pre-loved for you). But you're rock n roll, so you don't care right?!

Leather - oh leather! Come hither. A) they're cool B) they're easy to wear (trust me) C) they're warm and cosy D) they can be worn day or night E) they are your instant party look. I have made no better investment than a pair of J Brand leather skinnies this season. They come in a variety of colours now but I often go back to black. Having said that, I equally love the coal and I'm wearing them today. So chic, and grey is a great way to wear leather. Both the Noir and Coal options won't date and they're very easy to style (just add more black). Everyone asks me about cleaning them and I always tell the truth - I have never cleaned mine. I know, call it what you will but I call it low maintenance. I just take them off, hang them up, then pull them off the hanger when I want to wear them again. They keep their shape, and miraculously don't have my bum and knees permanently moulded into them. Go for it, if you regret it you must come and tell me and I'll take personal responsibility.

These jeans are one of my true loves this season. I love velvet! And before you think it, no, they are not fluff magnets. Ok you may get the odd piece of lint but just flick it off with an impatient finger. Show that lint who's boss. Simply add a beautiful printed silk blouse and you are good to go - day or night. I recommend you go up a size in these (I had to, but I got over it).

These touched down at Donna Ida yesterday and I immediately started lusting. I need these in my life. They are the perfect statement jeans A) they are coated luxe sateen fabric which = uber comfortable B) they are coated which = faux leather look C) they have zips which = edgy and fun D) they are cropped which = they'll actually fit and I won't need to take them up! These are your Christmas/Party season statement jeans. Just don't wear them to the same party as me.

I'm starting to look forward to the ski season (and too much hot chocolate) and though she may not shout it, every fashionista kind of loves the idea of an elasticated waist, and I'm no different. For layering, for being warm and cosy, for tucking into boots, for can't-go-past-it comfort, the Goldsign Zebra Legging in Motif is your hero piece. Enjoy!

If you need help finding your perfect pair of jeans tweet me @donnaida