A Poem for my CoSleeping Baby

A Poem for my CoSleeping Baby
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When we go up the wooden hill

Direct to Bedfordshire

I know you want to snuggle up

It's your favourite desire

I've let you get away with it

By welcoming you in

Comfy, snuggled, nuzzled up

Warming your soft skin

But Now that you are mobile

And starting to break free

I worry you'll fall on the floor

When I get up to pee

Your Daddy's getting fed up

Of sleeping down the crack

Between the wall and bed my dear

It's breaking his old back

I love our little cuddles

They make me feel quite happy

Regret creeps in some mornings

When you've leaked out of your nappy

When you accidentally punch me

Or slap me in the face

I know it's time for you to go

And sleep some other place

Your cot is warm and snugly

With a blanket and a light

But you frown and shout quite loudly

When we put you in at night

I promise you it's safe my love

There's no monsters underneath

You will not get eaten up

By sharp and scary teeth

The cot's not made of lava

It will not burn your skin

Lightening will not strike you

The moment you get in

It's not full of broken glass

No rusty nails to be found

The universe will not implode

As you sleep safe and sound

It's not that I don't love you

I would give you the earth

We've shared our bed with you my love

Ever since your birth

I'd like to put you in your cot

Sneak across the floor

A glance over my shoulder

Before I gently close the door

And do a little victory dance

As to my room I creep

Climb in bed and close my eyes

To get some bloody sleep


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