Brexit - Historic or Toxic Vote?

Brexit - Historic or Toxic Vote?

On the morning of the 24th June 2016 many in this Kingdom of ours awoke with a feeling all too familiar - one of those morning's after a night of intoxication by alcohol or drugs (or both), where you find yourself in a room that does not resemble your own, dreading turning around in bed and seeing that one might have committed a sexual act with probably the last person on Earth who should have entangled with you in those sheets - your best friend or even worse your best friend's husband!

Only on this particular morning the intoxication did not come from poisonous substances, but from a carefully concocted mix of selected Machiavellian media, mixed with lashings of our own lack of commitment, first to each other and then to everyone around us.

Add to this lethal concoction our lack of care, arrogance, ignorance, separatism and our abundant apathy (how many people from Europe who were entitled to vote could not even be bothered to pay a visit to their local polling station, and how many 'remain' voters left it to others to tick the box for them? Can it get any sadder than this?) et voila - poisonous liquid circulating the vascular system breathing separation.

One hell of a hangover to wake up with.

All that because when we got to the 'cross in a box' moment we had already been choosing to wear goggles coloured by the media.

It had been done, yet again!

Those crafty and cunning longer than Magna Carta daily column feeds that Europeans are 'stealing' our jobs as if they were unchained bicycles, that we wouldn't have control over accountability of those in power - as if we were so in 'control' of the ones we elect on British soil, that the NHS would be richer if the money going to EU went towards our health, totally misleading, whilst letting responsibility for our own health set adrift and refusing to see that it is not the EU that is robbing us of any funds, but our own irresponsibility towards how we are in our daily lives with our food, our lifestyle choices, work, exercise.

There was no hair of the dog on the 24th June. Instead the remedy was suddenly and almost simultaneously sought out by a vast number of people descending onto their electronic devises, turning to google search engine for answers to what it really meant to vote 'out'.

An EU referendum petition signed by more than 2.5 million people in no time at all, plus google searched with barrels of excess pride preventing many from seeing and accepting that the outcome was Never in the best interest of the British people, or any people for that matter. Far from it.

Yes, let's face it, there are things to be worked on in this EU marriage of ours like there are in any relationship, but surely we don't throw in the towels simply because there is work to be done. We see cancer cells, the ones that grow through uncontrolled division as our worst enemy yet we stubbornly refuse to see cancerous cells multiplying in our division from others.

If we look at it on a microcosmic level, is any family richer when a couple goes through a separation process or are we not individually and as a society way better off when they work on their stuff and remain united, in harmony with one another?

We teach our children from a very young age to 'play together' to 'share', we encourage employees to always work as part of a team because we know the immense power of group work and togetherness.

And so what did we actually want to exit?

We are in Europe, not Asia, aren't we, so how do we exit something we are already intrinsically in? A bit like water wanting to exit the ocean! Come on folks, we know that's crazy.

In the words of a great human rights lawyer, QC - Geoffrey Robertson "It is Not over yet".

So let's claim now what we should have done way before 23rd June - that we are One with Europe and the One with the World, that we are an island on which no man is an island, that we are a nation of many colours, creeds and religions, but deeper still we all intrinsically have in our blood and bones a greater knowing of how to unite, not divide.

On May 9th 1948 one of the world's all-time greatest leaders, Winston Churchill, the man who never blinked when looking evil in the eye, expressed clearly the way forth:

We hope to reach again a Europe united but purged of the slavery of ancient, classical times - a Europe in which men will be proud to say, "I am a European". We hope to see a

Europe where men of every country will think as much of being a European as of belonging to their native land, and that without losing any part of their love and loyalty to their birthplace. We hope wherever they go in this wide domain, to which we set no limits in the European continent, they will truly feel "Here I am at home. I am a citizen of this country too."

One needs no medical training to know deep in our hearts that there is no such thing as a German gallbladder, British bowels or Spanish spleen... We need No calamities or wars to unite us. We are designed to live as One Humanity.

United Europe could be a remarkable role model for all those places where separatism, hatred and killing is rife.People in this United Kingdom, how can we possibly brush off this responsibility?

Article by Geoffrey Robertson QC

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