16/01/2015 06:27 GMT | Updated 17/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Four New Year's Resolutions Every Lesbian Should Make

January is a fun time, isn't it? No one has any money, it's still dark and dreary and all that's left to do is the start-of-year traditions; Taking down the merriment, throwing out the tree and sitting down for a ball-achingly hard look at your life and what's wrong with it. What a happy time for us all, eh?

Although never should we ignore the opportunity to better ourselves and recognise what could be stronger in our lives, let's face it, it can be quite depressing. So I've done the hard work for you! Instead of just following the more traditional resolutions like dieting or cutting down on the tequila, here are four key lesbian resolutions you should make to clear up your sub-conscious and ensure you have a happy 2015.

1. Spring Clean Your Relationships

Toxicity within your LGBT relationships is bound to be dragging you down. In a culture where we all get to be friends with our exes and it's common for us to be dating someone our friends may have history with, there's bound to be some darkness. So clear it out! Have a chat with your sneering ex to clear the air. Buy your bestie's new girlfriend a beer, make sure she's not got any doubts about your friendship. Get those little niggling issues into the open, whatever they may be, and save the stress of spending 2015 slagging off your social circle for no reason whatsoever.

2. Come Out. To Everyone.

Whether your sexual orientation is on a need to know basis or you have been out since you were 12, there's always someone you've conveniently forgotten to tell. Your Grandparents, perhaps? Or your colleagues? But a good 2015 LGBT resolution is to make sure you're Out. To everyone.

2014 marked a huge year for us. Same Sex Marriage became legal in the UK and you can now marry in more than 30 states in the US and counting, so let's keep the momentum going! Being LGBT isn't just about our personal lives any more. We're part of a movement, each and every one of us, whether we like it or not. So stand up, get out and proud and be active, not just for those that came before us that couldn't, but to ensure that future generations can. Your voice is like your vote - You need to use it.

3. Attend A Pride Parade

As above, Pride is important. The first Pride Parade wasn't about luminous cocktails and late nights, it was about freedom; The LGBT community coming together and standing up for ourselves and each other, and insisting on our right to live a True Life. So get your tickets booked! Gran Canaria Pride in May is fabulous, so if you can combine your holiday with your homosexuality then all the better.

Not only will you have the time of your life, you'll be participating in a tradition that is unique to our culture, and represents so much more than you may even realise. Plus, why would you want to miss the opportunity to be at a girl-only yacht party? That's just foolish.

4. Exile The Ex

No, you don't actually have to be friends with your ex. If it's not working, you are not obliged to sit at the same table with her as she scowls over her cider. Just because you may have the same friends and you've all agreed to be civil, if there's still some baggage then it's time to take one more stab at it, then move on. It is not your responsibility to keep the peace - that's a job you BOTH share. So if she's sticking with stirring and making your life a whirlpool of drama and difficult conversations then get rid and exile her from your life. Take yourself away from the places you may find her and distance yourself from the people in her inner circle. Far from running away, this (even temporary) measure will make you feel instantly lighter, and the people who matter will still be there to seek you out. Enough has to be enough at some point, after all.

So alongside your more traditional resolutions, try to build these into your plan for 2015 as well, and live the truest life you can. Preferably with tequila.