16/04/2015 05:15 BST | Updated 15/06/2015 06:59 BST

David Cameron Raps for Votes

In 2010 David Cameron promised us a "Big Society." Now that the warm gooey feeling that phrase inspires has well and truly melted away like a choc-ice in a food bank due to five years of punishing austerity, cuts and closures for public services, the man who would be PM for another five years promises us that the Conservative party are not the party of the rich after all, but a 'Party of Working People.'

Well if you like to party to David Cameron's tune, have a listen to satirical viral video artist and audio visual DJ Eclectic Method's remix of the Tory leader. This rapping re-edit of five years of Cameron's speeches is a hilarious hip-hop re-imagining of Cameron's Election campaign and it's rather catchy.

If you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

Well it's the British election 1, 2, 3,

If you want the same old then vote for me,

If you want to try Labour I'm sure Ed's free,

If you're independent Scotland vote SNP.

Give me one more chance to be your leader,

Don't make me share with Nick Clegg either,

I promise I won't make the country weaker,

I'm a two term, stand firm benefits eater.

Help the rich, they fund my campaign,

So when I work for them, who can you blame?

Me, Ed, Nick Clegg all the same,

Piss down your back then tell you it rained.

Why we in debt, why we in debt?

Ain't we gone closed enough hospitals yet?

We got a generation in which we didn't invest?

While we give more away to help the jetset?

Politicians just work for bankers,

Money cartels, global gangsters,

Infect our country like a greedy cancer,

And blame the poor like that's the answer.

The Russians are hurting, the Chinese are hurting,

We all got nothing but we all keep working.

So we tell you all to tighten up your purse strings,

But your purse will never cover what we're spending.

Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen,

We start wars we cannot end.

We fight people we use to defend.

Consequences we didn't intend.

I represent for the rich,

Thats why you got stiched.

Vote for a switch,

But it's all the same clique.

Tax-dodging donors,

Big bank bonus,

Always work hard but never home owners.