28/03/2012 20:18 BST | Updated 30/12/2012 17:53 GMT

My Week With Ken

I am proud to have spent the week with Ken Livingstone on his campaign to be elected Mayor of London on 3 May, getting the message out there to Londoners about Ken's Fare Deal.

The mayoral election on 3 May will be a clear choice for Londoners, between a mayor who will represent and fight for the interests of ordinary Londoners in hard times - a mayor for the 99% - or a mayor driven by his own personal ambition, committed to representing his 1%.

Ken knows what matters to ordinary Londoners, and what matters most whilst so many families are feeling the strain of being hit by a double whammy of squeezed income and increasing living costs. Ken will fight for the interests of the majority now, cutting fares by 7%, saving the average Londoner £1000 over the next four years, which will put an extra £4 in Londoners' pockets every week.

Boris on the other hand is responsible for once again this year raising bus, tube, and train fares above inflation. What's more if re-elected he remains committed to raising fares every year for the next four years. Under his watch bus fares have risen by a whopping 50%. Londoners can't afford Boris.

Whilst out with Ken this week I have witnessed the sense of urgency and passion behind the support for him on the streets. Londoners need a Mayor who will be there when things are tough and when they get even tougher, speaking up for Londoners, putting them first. Ken is in this for Londoners. London needs him.

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