16/12/2013 08:22 GMT | Updated 14/02/2014 05:59 GMT

A Selfie Too Far?!

In a new age or era of self promotion I often wonder whilst in the middle of my DJ set seeing people on the dancefloor standing in the corner taking photos of themselves, also when travelling across London and watching people pappin' themselves on the bus, train or tube. Yes they have an addiction and are all part of the Selfie generation.

Selfies are mainly associated with social media and teenagers who want to be cool amongst their friends. They are now an integral part of society and mainstream culture. With instant access to smart phones, along with the continual growth of technology Selfies are here to stay and no doubt will be done at every Christmas and New Years party. But why would someone take a photo of themselves? Surely it should be the other way round? It's the materialistic search for self gratification.

At Nelson Mandela's memorial Barack Obama, Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schimdt and David Cameron took a Selfie. Michelle Obama did not seem impressed by the whole affair. I wonder if Obama got a stern telling off from Michelle afterwards? It ended up as the main headline and front page on many of the tabloids, broadsheets and was more news worthy than the memorial itself.

Was that moment a turning point in expressing our thoughts and feelings at an event or just playground type childish behaviour? Ed Milliband has jumped on the Selfie bandwagon and took a Selfie with reality TV star, Joey Essex. Is this self promotion gone wrong and heading for a schizophrenic demise? It does sound a tad nauseating and seems uncontrollable. It made me wonder and question why we have become obsessed with Selfies.

Brought up in a fairly strict catholic environment, at funerals or memorials if my mobile phone was ever switched on it would be a sign of disrespect to the deceased. I was brought up to the respect the dead and in that moment that should be reflected throughout.

Have we have lost all our morals and dignity? I was curious to find out whether I was over exaggerating and decided to ask my friends on Facebook what they thought of the selfie taken by Obama and Cameron. The general view was mixed with many saying "it reflected what Nelson Mandela was all about and capturing that historical moment of joy and togetherness". And "it was also a significant moment seeing world leaders taking a selfie."

Is this a new trend? Will we now see Selfies being taken at memorials and funerals? Nelson Mandela's memorial to many was viewed as a celebration therefore in some sense it was essential to capture that special moment and Selfie to remember the time, moment and it's significance. I doubt we will see more Selfies taken for high profile or political gatherings. Who knows it may happen but it's outlined one thing we are in a new era of self promotion.