07/06/2016 12:39 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 06:12 BST

EU Referendum: Positivity Always Trumps Negativity

young voter

Where do I start on the current whirlwind of a referendum campaign? We've see lies, scaremongering and threats from all corners of business and the worlds political figures. Political campaigns usually excite me, the 2014 European Elections I found fascinating and couldn't get enough of, the same can be said for the General Election last year, I felt there was some truth and facts being spoken, well besides the talk of the NHS dying, we hear that every election and will continue to. This referendum though is different, it seems to have drained all life out of British politics and has created a taste of bad feeling throughout the nation.

I was initially very enthusiastic about this referendum, after wanting one for so long I thought now would be the chance to lay all the facts out and then put it to the British public if they want to leave or remain. We haven't seen that though, all we have seen is a constant twisting of words and wave after wave of scaremongering. If the case to remain is such a strong argument then why does the Prime Minister feel the need to start warning of economic disaster and wars if we leave? Was this not the man who just a short few months ago said he would rule nothing out when it comes to leaving the European Union?

The Leave side I feel has been somewhat drowned out by these preposterous lies. A fair crack of the whip is all I ever wanted, yet nowhere can I find a media outlet just wanting to sort fact from fiction. If you're a bit of a political geek then you'll know not to believe the government when they produce findings that Brexit will harm the economy. As after all, this is a government driven on keeping us in the EU by any means necessary. This is also a government who said they'd clear the deficit by 2015 and start paying down the debt when intact we still have a huge deficit and ever growing national debt that they've doubled.

Although I have my problems with how this referendum has been ran and the complete dishonesty of the Remain campaign, I still believe we will win this referendum. I believe the facts are on our side, I believe the public are on our side and most importantly, the polls are now slowly edging towards our side. This change of tide in the polls has coincided with the debate shifting from the economic arguments towards the debate on controlling our own borders. Until now debate on immigration had largely been non existent, with the focus being on whether the countries finances would be better off in or out of the European Union. Now that it has shifted onto immigration i feel the public are starting to recognise that the only way we can truly take back control of our immigration policy is by voting to leave.

The British public don't want unelected commissioners and presidents from Brussels telling us who we have to allow into our country. It should be up to our democratically elected government to decided who should and shouldn't be allowed to enter. Only by voting to leave can we achieve this and implement an Australian style points based system that doesn't discriminate on nationality like the EU require us to do. I believe the British people want a fair, global thinking and outward looking immigration policy, that allows us to let in the skills we need, while not putting our vital public services under pressure like they currently face. Cameron's line of saying we do control migration is just quite simply a lie and the public are seeing straight through it.

Like they see through his migration dishonesty, they have recognised that this scaremongering hasn't an ounce of truth to it. The public will not be scared into remaining part of this ever diminishing political union. I and i'm sure many other members of the public do wonder why if the European Union is so good, then why can't they put a positive case forward for it? I believe positivity always trumps negativity.

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