Please Scotland, Say Yes This Time

14/03/2017 10:40 GMT | Updated 15/03/2018 09:12 GMT
mrdoomits via Getty Images

Some people are saying "Oh no, here we go again..."

Me? I'm saying, "Yes, we're getting another chance."

I'm also saying that I hope with all my heart that we get it right this time. If we don't, we will be giving the Tory government a green light to do whatever it wants in Scotland. They could take away devolved matters. They could even take away our Scottish Parliament altogether. With only one Scottish Tory MP, we don't exactly have a lot of protection.

Last week, Chancellor Philip Hammond 'gave' Scotland an 'extra' £350 million in the budget. Perhaps he was remembering Margaret Thatchers words of long ago...

"because we English who are marvellous people are really very generous to Scotland and very generous to Wales."

Mr Hammond really managed to give his colleagues a right good old laugh about 'giving' Scotland this money. Even the Secretary of State for Scotland, was having a wee chuckle about it. Really seemed to tickle their sense of humour, didn't it?

But while they sat there laughing, people in the rest of the UK were left thinking Scotland was about to get something extra. Something they're not getting.

But it wasn't like that. The rest of the UK is getting an equivalent amount of extra money spent on Social Care. So it's not really an extra special gift just for Scotland. And, just like the rest of UK, the money is for three years.

Mr Hammond told the House of Commons that this extra funding means "we are stronger together in this great United Kingdom".

I don't think so....

They laugh at us.

For goodness sake....they laugh at us.

For years there have been cuts to the Scottish budget and £350 million doesn't quite make up for those cuts and let's face it, what does £350 million get you these days?

Well, it wouldn't cover the repairs to Buckingham Palace, would it? I think at the last estimate that was going to cost the taxpayer £370 million. And let's not even mention the Palace of Westminster. At least £4 billion! Ok, so I did mention it...

The UK is going to have a Tory government for many years come. A Tory government that Scotland never votes for. On it's own, that is a frightening prospect. But along with Brexit, it is even more frightening. Even more frightening for those of us up here in Scotland, especially knowing that they could dismantle the Scottish Parliament altogether.

Oh, but of course, that wouldn't really happen, would it? I mean, someone will stand up for Scotland? Surely, our one and only Tory MP, who is the Secretary of State for Scotland, would surely stand up for us and wouldn't let that happen? Hmmm...

However he has already made promises of more powers to Scotland after Brexit.


Empty Promises.

We've been there before with 'The Vow'.

A vow made by the then Prime Minister and the opposition leaders. Written, signed, and sealed with the help of a Scottish newspaper just days before the referendum in 2014.

The 'vow' was worthless. So who would believe any promises from Westminster now?

Hopefully no one.

Please, Scotland, get it right this time. Say Yes.