08/03/2017 07:22 GMT | Updated 09/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Why Are Other Parties Obsessed With Scottish Nationalism?

Bloomberg via Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan came to the Scottish Labour Party Conference in Perth armed with a speech about Nationalism. He made a suggestion that Nationalism was akin to racism. He hastily altered a few words in the hope of not offending people, but since the original version had been published that morning in a newspaper, the damage had been done. He had offended people. Many people.

This weekend, Prime Minister, Theresa May took a quick jaunt up to Glasgow for the Scottish Conservative Party Conference. Her speech also focused on those nasty Nationalists. She spoke about the 'noisy antics' of the SNP MPs down in Westminster. I think that's their voices she's referring to.

During their conference, there was mention of the possibility of dismantling the Scottish Parliament altogether. Total control back to Westminster...wouldn't that be good? Let's get rid of those nasty Nationalists. Imagine the opportunity to brush us all under the big red, white and blue carpet once and for all.

But surely this constant focus on Nationalism begs one question.

Why? Why couldn't those two politicians come to Scotland to talk about the virtues of their own parties? Is it perhaps because their own parties have no virtues?

It seems that all the Labour and Tory Parties have to offer is their adversity towards Scottish Nationalism and its supporters. Nothing else. They have nothing to give Scotland. Nothing except opposition.

SNP may not be perfect, but we know one thing about them. Their focus is on Scotland.

Scottish Nationalists are not racists. We're not nasty. Some of us don't even wave flags. All we want is to have independence. To run our own country. To have a government which can focus all its attention on Scotland and its people.

Just to be straight, we have no problem with English people. Our problem is with Westminster - a government in another country making the decisions and holding the purse strings of ours.

Imagine allowing your next door neighbour to handle all your affairs, then give you some pocket money. Not even enough to spend on essentials. Doesn't seem right somehow, does it? Especially when that neighbour thinks completely differently and is never prepared to listen. They look down on the poor and kick the sick and disabled until they bleed. Who would want that neighbour being in charge of their lives? Wouldn't you want to part ways if you could?

Great Britain has controlled so many countries over the years and so many have won their independence.

India. Pakistan. Canada. USA. So many.

All those countries wanted to run their own affairs. Make their own rules. Make their own mistakes even. Some countries fought for it. Spilt blood for it.

Scottish nationalists don't intend on spilling any blood, but we do want to sit in the driving seat. And you can rest assured that we are happy to have passengers of any race, creed or colour along with us.